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John Deere Model D Tractor

John Deere Model D Tractor

My dad and grandfather with local farmers in front of the old steel wheeled John Deere Model "D" tractor in rural Alberta.

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I have 3 old JDs

I have a 1940 B hand start, a 1947 B electric start, and a 1950 A electric start. All are styled. Great tractors, and I always enjoy running them. The 2 cyl engines have a very relaxing sound.

Old John Deere Model D Tractor in rural Alberta.

This is most certainly a 1928. It still has the low hood for the small fuel tank, which was increased in size and height for the 1929 model. And it appears to have a splined flywheel/crankshaft which was introduced for the 1928 model year along with a cylinder bore increase to 6 3/4 inches from 6 1/2 in 1927.

John Deere D

My father owned 2 John Deere D's. Pre 1930. 30 years ago. The front wheels were spoked and the rear rims were filled with cement for traction. It would pull a 3 bottom plow nicely and would really chug up a slight hill doing so. It would really chug out the smoke rings running on diesel. Hard to believe, as a boy, that I would fall asleep sitting on the transmission with by back aginst the rear wheel fender. Having a chance to relax and listing to the steady power of thum, thum, thum, of the engine working and the slight howl of the transmission would certainly do it.

Best Tractor Ever

John Deere tractors were very popular with farmers, they were simple to work on and they had only two cylinders thus making a pop pop pop pop sound. You would think having only two cylinders they would not have much power, but they had awesome power because the cylinders and pistons were huge. Notice the round thing the boy has his feet on, that was the flywheel, yes the flywheel was on the side and you would hand turn it to crank the engine. They used the same basic design for all the models to probably in the late fifties.

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