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Our Confederate Dead: 1910

Our Confederate Dead: 1910

Norfolk, Virginia, circa 1910. "Confederate Monument." Our third look at Norfolk this week reveals another MacDonald's Luncheon & Cigar, as well the Stag Hotel and terminals for the Portsmouth and Berkley ferries. And: Clam Broth Served Daily. Whew! 8x10 inch glass negative, Detroit Publishing Co. View full size.


I see him every day

I work in a building just to the left of the Berkeley/Portsmouth ferry terminals. It is certainly a very different view now. Those terminals are exactly where part of the Sheraton hotel and Waterside District, a food, drink, concert venue, now sits. I love this image, but I wonder often about the focal dimensions. This statue is quite tall, and the city off in the distance is Portsmouth, at least three-quarters of a mile away. How did they control f-stops back then?

Eighty Clams

Let us not take the labors of Stanton Square's flying fingers too much for granted. Huzzah!

1905 Clam Drink Recipes

The Spatula, 1905.

The Fountain and Its Accessories.

Conducted by E. F. White.

Clam Drinks.

Clam juice, like beef tea, must always be served hot. It spoils very readily and must be kept on ice. If a distinction is desired between clam bouillon and clam broth, serve the latter with a spoonful of butter and the former without it. A good way to keep the names apart, says the Soda Fountain, is to have your clam juice of clam juice with hot water, clam bouillon is the same with a dash of lemon juice added and clam broth is clam juice mixed with cream or milk. Clam juice with hot water and seasoned well may be known as clam nightcap. Clam juice cocktail is made with one ounce of clam juice, two drams of lemon juice and hot water.

Clam juice may be served in the proportion of one-half to one ounce to an eight-ounce mug, filling the latter with hot water and serving with a spoon; also giving the patron celery salt, salt and pepper cellars and soda crackers. The clam juice is served more acceptably by adding an ounce of milk, better yet by using half water and half milk and still better by using all hot milk. A small amount of butter causes a marked improvement.

The Book of Priceless Recipes, 1907.

II. Soups.

Clam Broth for Twelve Persons.

Eighty clams, one quart of the clam liquor, one quart of milk and cream mixed, one tablespoonful of flour, four small spoonfuls of butter, one small onion and parsley. Scald the clams in their liquor. When well scalded skim them carefully and cut the soft part away and return hard part to the liquor, with the onion, parsley and seasoning. Cook half an hour. Heat the milk and cream to boiling point, thicken with two tablespoonfuls flour and one of butter. Mash soft part of clams through a coarse sieve or vegetable press. At the last moment add the puree of clams to the milk and strain in the hot clam liquor. Serve with one spoonful of whipped cream to each cup or plate.

Mrs. Jay Cooke, Jr.

Now surrounded by the dullness of offices

Commercial Place

Today, that area of town in known as Commercial Place. The monument was removed in the late 60's for fear it might be damaged by pile drivers on the construction site of the nearby Bank of America building. The monument was re-erected in 1971.

Clam Broth Served Daily

All I can say is, thank God! I can't get my day started without a big bowl of clam broth.

Nothing left but the statue

I imagine this was not the most pleasent of places. Mickey D's and the Stag Hotel on the corner there looks a bit unsavory, and the air looks to be full of particulate matter and the smell of horses. But it sure looks lively.

Today, google maps tells us this (and Main street) is -- effectively -- an office park with lots of bland high rises, with no street businesses in sight, and lots of those elevated walkways which ensures nobody has to go outside. The ferrys still exist, but are hidden behind yet more offiuce buildings.

But the confderate soldier still stands watch over it all. He looks pretty out of place, and I wonder if he is becoming a political hot potato, because he reminds folks of a Southern past that seems less attractive as the years go by.

Murray's Dairy Lunch

Was Murray's the 1910 equivalent of the Kosher, Ratner's Dairy Restaurant on Delancey Street in Manhattan? Ratner's opened in 1905 and closed in 2000. A victim of the Lower East Side's morphing into the East Village with its accompanying massive rents. In any case, Murray, wisely, took advantage of the Coca-Cola signage programs.

I'd like to linger for a while

but I'm double-parked.

Wide Streets, Thirsty Throats

Curbside parking on both sides, horse & wagon lengthwise parking in the middle, and two-abreast lanes of traffic each way--suddenly I understand why in older parts of many towns the main streets are so wide.

Note Murray's Dairy Lunch with Coca-Cola "at our fountain" sign. And at least two wholesale liquor dealers. And lighted horse fountain. A thriving, thirsty town. And a well-framed interesting photograph.

Clam Broth Served Daily

Oh yeah baby, that ought to pack 'em in. I'd rather eat next door at "Mac" Donalds.

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