Continuing on our theme of the ancient-1970s history of consumer electronics, here's my niece and nephew playing with my Fairchild Channel F video game. According to Wikipedia, it was the first ROM cartridge-based video game console, selling for $170 when released in 1976. It was a color system, despite the appearance of the screen. I'd intended using it with my Advent VideoBeam projection TV, but the Channel F's signal wasn't sufficiently up to snuff sync-wise (or something) to satisfy the VideoBeam. Shortly after this, I got an Atari 2600 that worked with it. I myself never really got heavily into video gaming, other than a brief and mild addiction to Atari's Space Invaders and Breakout. Mainly I was just fascinated by the big, colorful graphics whizzing around on the giant VideoBeam screen. This bounce-flash Kodachrome was considerably underexposed, so I had to boost it quite a bit. Oh, and feel free to grab a chocolate from the Whitman's box. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos