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Office Hi-Lites: 2007

Office Hi-Lites: 2007

Along the lines of the Beaver Letter, we're excited to present the Jim Letter from the opening credits of "The Office." You might think it would have something to do with the Dunder Mifflin paper company's Scranton branch, but actually it's a Los Angeles Department of City Planning (zoning) document showing revisions to the L.A. Municipal Code. Specifically, Section 12.22.C.20(f). It has to do with "Projections Into Yards," and can be found on Page 33 [375] of this PDF.

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I am so disappointed. All this time, I thought Jim Halpert was doing important work and highlighting the important-est part of his important work. I hope Pam learns the truth before she marries him.

This is awesome.

God, people are cranky. This is awesome.


Thanks for this! Love the old photos, and it was a pleasant surprise to see this pop up in the mix.

who cares!


[I predict: Lots of people. Check back in a month. - Dave]

thanks dave

And what do ya know? He's actually typing what you would expect him to type.

My Two Cents' Worth...

I kinda have to agree that, although the Beaver Letter was a nice insight to the world of television production, the same doesn't really hold true to this capture from "The Office". Granted, Dave, it's your site and your criteria as to what's appropriate, but I feel that contemporary series are much easier for the average person to dissect than older ones - I know several people who have "Office" boxed sets, but not so many own "Leave It to Beaver".

I know the choise is mine to read it or not, and I don't want to sound unappreciative, I'm just trying to give a little feedback for what it's worth.

Skip off-topic posts?

Is there a way to skip these off-topic posts? I come here to see old photos, not to see stuff from 2007 TV shows.

[Yes. Don't read them. - Dave]

Re: Creed's Blog

Ta-da ...

Creed's blog

Hey, you guys need to do a screen capture of what Creed is typing at his "blog." In fact, I thought of your Beaver letter when I saw that episode of "The Office."

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