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Market Day: 1905

Market Day: 1905

Baltimore, Maryland, circa 1905. "Lexington Market." Yes, they have bananas. 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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Citrus Pyramids

Baltimore Sun, June 2, 1907.

Lexington Market Has World-Wide Fame

There is no portion of Lexington Market that is not a scene of color and form to delight the soul of an artist. The flower and fruit stands that begin long before the market proper is reached are an invitation in themselves whose allurement cannot be escaped. At present season one threads his way marketward through veritable hedgerows of daises that can be bought for a song. Interspersed with their golden eyes and white petals are fragrant clusters of pink and purple sweetpeas, and back of these again are potted plants, fern and palm and all sorts of gay blossomings for window, garden or lawn.

Mingled with the scent of flowers comes the fragrance of tropical fruits—oranges piled high in golden pyramids, grapefruit in paler tints, the ruddy tones of pineapples from overseas and whole harvests of pungent lemons. The belated apple and forward peach unite the limits of the fruit season and cranberries flaunt their exquisite tints like Christmas berries stripped from a holly bush.


This is one of the earliest 3D images I have seen!

Bad Scan

This is clearly a bad scan of a relatively sharp photograph. Too bad, because there's a lot going on here.

[The scan is fine. The camera was moved during the exposure. If the problem was with the scan, the dust specks and writing on the negative would also be doubled. And, technically speaking, these negatives are not "scanned" -- they're imaged in one big data-gulp. - Dave]


I pity the person who scanned that image. And the person who kicked the tripod when the image was being made.

Before Polock Johnny's

Wowzers. Lexington Market is still there in a newer (urban redevelopment?) building. Still lots of fun to stop there when attending an O's game. And get a "Super Polock" at Polock Johnny's, one great Polish sausage!

Earthquake hands

Looks like every single part of the photo has slightly doubled image. It's broad daylight and no sign of ghosts for long exposure. Camera shake?


For the first time, I wish I hadn't viewed full sized!
I need a little tonic for this double vision!

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