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Beatrice Kyle: 1924

Beatrice Kyle: 1924

"Beatrice Kyle, in high diving outfit, between acts at the Society Circus at Fort Myer, Virginia, for the benefit of the Army Relief Fund, April 25, 1924." In what looks like a marketing tie-in for carny food and old fire engines. View full size.


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High-diving waffles

I don't know how I missed this last January, but I did. I think I know what the mystery food may be. I think there is a good chance that it is a waffle. I know, from the book "Beyond the Ice Cream Cone", by Pamela J. Vacarro, that waffles were a popular food item sold at the World's Fair, 20 years before, and they are still sold at many carnivals and theme parks. It looks like a particularly delicious waffle to me, too, since it is so nicely browned!

I think I will go make a waffle for myself right now!

Bee Again

One last look before she gets trundled off to Siberia.

Miss Identification

That "pickle" is a sausage.

[It looks more bakey-caky than animal or vegetable. - Dave]

I'll accept that.

Nearly perfect

A nearly perfect combination: a pretty girl and steam power.

This should be in pretty girls.

Lady Diastema

She could have used a little dental work. That pickle could get stuck in the gap.

Steam Punk

She really had it going on long before it became fashionable (or was even invented.)

Okay, got past the pretty girl

Now that I did, I noticed that the pumper engine was put out to pasture. All the departments were probably motorized by now and I see that the bell is removed from between the two cylinders (only the yoke remains) and the suction hose holders are empty.

Just out of curiosity

Anyone familiar enough with that fire rig to gauge how tall she would have been? She looks pretty petite (but she'd also look pretty tall, in my humble opinion)

Hubba hubba.

That's the bee's knees. Beatrice looks nice too.

Doing her dive

Found this on She was buried beside her husband, William Booth Wecker who worked at various jobs and carnivals and circuses. He did everything from selling tickets to lion taming. They had a nomadic lifestyle and performed all over the world including Japan in the 1930's. They never had any children.


She landed on her back, went out and did it again. Tough lady.

A talented lass no doubt

Beatrice Kyle was billed as the "World's Greatest Thriller". 1940 advertisement:

I spy with my little eye

a Reuben on rye.

Sometimes a pickle

is just a pickle.

[That's no pickle. - Dave]

Stand on this mat

Ok Beatrice, we have a mat for you to stand on so you won't get dirty. We'll have to carry you to it & away from it as well, but once you're there it will be a natural pose as can be. What? Why yes, I do have a pickle in my pocket! You can use it in the photograph!

Odd combo

That is a pickle she's holding, right? Well nothing says sexy like pickles and fire engines.

OSHA Alert

Washington Post, May 3, 1933.

The big free feature attraction will be Beatrice Kyle, champion girl high-diver, who turns a complete somersault in midair with her clothing ignited, and dives into a blazing tank of gasoline. This act will be presented twice daily.

Hey Lady!

Get out of the way so I can get a look at that fire engine! It's a real beauty!

I can't resist

I can't resist saying that she must have been very popular. And it should be obvious why...

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