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More Marquette: 1908

More Marquette: 1908

Resuming our visit to the Great Lakes port of Marquette, Michigan, circa 1908 in a view joining two 8x10 glass negatives. At right is another glimpse of Front Street, showing many of the same buildings seen here yesterday. Moving out of the frame, we continue into the panorama that was the subject of the previous post. Points of interest here include various signs, a baby and a cat. View full size.


Sixty years before my time!

I live near Marquette and this has so much familiar in it! A big fire in 1938 took many buildings from Washington and Front street. Even though automobiles were common at this time, none to be seen here! In the distance overlooking the ore dock can be seen the Lower Harbor Light House and it is still there along with the stack of the Water Works building. Where the curved track of the most Southern ore dock is located the new Raddison Hotel, this area is known as Founder's Landing.
The open deck in the right foreground in now a parking lot where my wife and I have a geocache!

Aha !

I found two brooms!

Roof Roof

Yes, Phillips, the broom is lying just to the right of a chimney atop the building across the street from B. Neidhardt Sporting Goods and Fishing Tackle, pretty much in the middle of the photograph.

The roofs of buildings in those days are a world of their own, far more interesting than anything today! Chimneys, smoke or steam pipes rising up everywhere, dormer rooms, and everything seems to have been built in such a haphazard fashion. So many rooms or wings appear to have been added to buildings after they were built. I guess some kind of code existed then, but it must have been very lax.

And it's 11:45 and all's well!

I spy

Anybody spotted the woman holding the baby yet?

[And a cat! - tterrace]

Must be payday!

Just behind the "Welcome" banner on the right, there's a big lineup of people. Looking at yesterday's "High Noon: 1909" picture, the shop on that corner is the liquor dealer.

"Undertakers Furniture"

Not sure what all that would entail, but there must be a market for it somewhere.

Look Closely

Can you spot the broom lying on the rooftop?

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