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Crippled Children's Auto Outing: 1908

Crippled Children's Auto Outing: 1908

"Auto Rides for Crippled Children," New York. May 25, 1908. 5x7 glass negative, George Grantham Bain Collection. View full size | Zoom in.


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Thomas Flyer

These cars bear a strong resemblance to a Thomas Flyer of the period. For many years, "quality" cars always had their steering wheels on the right-hand side, regardless of whether the country they were built in drove on the left or the right.

Is That?

Is that someone in the window on the left of the stoop where the women are standing? Notice the 2 fingers on the window sill and the face peering through the curtains. Very creepy!

crazy looking cars...

please observe the roads. abosolutely a paradise for joy riders. But unfortunately now we have excellent cars. But where are the- car friendly roads !

Crippled children's

It is an amazing experience to watch this rare photo.
Please provide some more 'crazy photos' !

Above The First Doorway...

...on the left I see what appears to be the name "Blackburn" which is my last name. Now it's going to drive me nuts trying to figure out if some relative of mine had once owned this building in NYC.

All of the cars seem to be

All of the cars seem to be the same make and model and they all have their steering wheels on the left side.

Not sure when the left side became the standard in the states.

[Steering wheels on these cars are on the right. - Dave]

Crazy looking ladies in cars

All of that is true but how nice these people were, taking these kids out maybe to the circus, beach or somewhere. You don't often see pictures of the upper class doing something nice. But they are pretty crazy looking.

Because bugs in your teeth... not only UNfashionable, it's downright disgusting. Thank goodness for enclosed passenger cabins and convertible windshields.

Re: White Masks

That's netting to keep the dust out of their eyes. Part of any fashionable lady's motoring ensemble back then.

White Masks

Why do the women have the white masks on? to keep the sun off? I've never seen any other pictures from this time having such masks.

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