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Autumn Leaves: 1899

Mount Clemens, Michigan, circa 1899. "Gratiot Avenue and Church Street." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.

Mount Clemens, Michigan, circa 1899. "Gratiot Avenue and Church Street." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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Re: Beautiful Photograph

Street View Update now shows much of the rest of downtown. However, I think your previous GSV was about a block off, as the modern Gratiot Ave. splits into a loop. I'll bet when the photo was taken Gratiot and Main Street were the same thing. There's still no denying a big change in scenery, but if you cruise up and down Main Street there are echoes of the past in the street trees. From the ultra-modern bank a block north to a sweet Craftsman down at the south end of Main there's still some interesting sightseeing.


I can't get over the exposure latitude and sharpness of this picture. It's just amazing

Mount Clemens

Through a very odd coincidence, I found this gorgeous picture online (while looking for something else) only five days after I walked Church Street to Gratiot. I live 1,500 miles away, but was on a walking vacation in my old home town. Mt. Clemens has many houses left from this era, most of them now boasting historical markers.

How many lanes and what for

What's the purpose of the lane we're seeing in the middle of the picture, bordered by trees on both sides? There looks to be a larger lane to the right, and maybe a third lane at far right, each bordered by trees on both sides.

Here's my attempt

Someone said this would look good colorized. Here is my attempt. I have been coming here for a long time. I enjoy Shorpy very much. Have a great day all.

Don't rake

Just have that lovely Border collie herd those leaves into a nice, neat pile. I LOVE this neighborhood! the current picture is horribly depressing.

The New Yorker in me

I am so moved by such bucolic scenes that turn up here, just melting into the time and place; the vanishing point of the tree corridor here is particularly transporting.

But then there's that freakin' dog, daring you to step around the bombs he's left in the leaves.

Looks like early morning

Maybe it's Sunday. A little fog appears to be still hanging. Nobody out and about yet except the photographer and the dog who's investigating him. It's a gorgeous shot. Another in the long Shorpy chain that makes the heart ache a bit at things too far past to be experienced outside one's imagination.

Burning Leaves...

I can vaguely recall in my youth, the aroma of burning leaves when these would all be raked into the street and burned in piles. The idea of bagging them and putting them in a dumpster hadn't yet entered our radar.

Lovely dog

We had a dog like this one and if this one was like ours it would have been rolling about in those leaves. What a beautiful dog and Avenue.


depth of field, the tree lined alley just seems to go on forever and all pin sharp.

Existential sadness

... upon looking up this location in Google Maps :*(

Not much here to comment on

so I guess I'll just say that the dog is sooo dead by now.

Mission: Impossible

Would anyone like to take a stab at colorizing this one??

This kind of view

always reminds me of the end of "The Third Man."

Beautiful Photograph

Great shot! The dog is perfect and I love the wooden sidewalks. It is all strip malls and offices now. No resemblance at all to this scene. Google won't let you down Church Street so maybe it gets better. At least someone seems to have raked up the leaves!


Would colorizing this be too much to ask?

So Beautiful!

Everything about about this photo -- the perspective of the the house, fence, dog, trees & the sidewalk. If only we could see it in color.

I want to jump in those leaves!

I'm not sure why there are SO many leaves on the ground (the trees are far from bare) but no matter-if I lived there I would probably shock my tasteful Mount Clemens neighbors by hitching up my skirt and happily clomping down that avenue of delightfully crunchy autumn leaves (and I would absolutely invite that nice dog to go with me!)

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