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US Navy Dancer

US Navy Dancer

Dancer on a US Navy vessel, no idea who, when, where, which vessel; Information welcome. View full size.

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Ziegfeld Girl?

She looks like Ziegfeld Girl Ann Pennington who had a frentic style of dancing.

Might have been

Judy Garland.

Something like the Texas

I think the photo was taken during the inter-war years on a battleship such as the USS Texas BB35. The shoes on the sailor on the left look 1930s style, and the general appearance of the sailors says 1930. The twin guns the crowd is sitting on look like 14 inchers, later BBs has 3 guns in a mount.

Makes me think of a cruise to a warm water port in Latin America. The Texas carried President Coolidge to Cuba in 1928 for the Pan American Conference.

More likely Pauline Grunk or Mavis Smith

If this was Lena Horne, Martha Raye, Anne Miller, or any of those performers who added an extra "e" to their name for effect, it is doubtful they would be accompanied by musicians for the ship's compliment. These star performers were usually backed up by professional musicians who had their arrangements down pat. When I was touring the world on Uncle Sam's ticket back in the 60s we were often entertained by shows put on by the USO using the local talent from whatever area we happened to be cruising. They were mostly "wannabes" and they performed for patriotic reasons or for a small stipend. God bless 'em all. They may not have been from Hollywood, but they left us all with a smile on our faces.

Another possibility

Could this be Mabel Lee, "Queen of the Soundies"? She was known to have great legs and she did a lot of USO work.

Edit: Miss Lee is still alive and still performing! If only she would visit Shorpy and confirm (or deny) my suspicions...

I believe the dancer is

Ann Miller. It looks like her, and she did entertain our military. Oh, and she had fantastic gams! Check her out on the net.

Martha Raye?

Martha Raye entertained troops a lot. See what you think.

Lena Horne?

She looks a bit like Lena Horne to me, she did do performances for the Troops during WWII.

Edit: The picture above makes it pretty clear it's not Lena.

Too early for her

Reminds me of Elaine of "Seinfeld" fame and her infamous dance that everyone made fun of including her coworkers.

Check out those Gams

Go on, everyone else is.

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