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Goodbye, Sailor: 1900

Goodbye, Sailor: 1900

New York circa 1900. "Operating room in Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital." 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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Ether Binge

Are the hanging bottles for dispensing ether? (I hope to God they are not for dispensing enemas).

Put up a plaque!

Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital! Location of the Birth of Yours Truly, Dec. 24, 1946. Since my parents had both been in the Marines in WW II, their last GI benefit was having me born at the Navy Yard Hospital. (They were living in Queens, NY at the time). My mom said as my dad drove up to the main gate, the Marine on guard was about to ask for the password, but then saw my mom's condition an immeditaley waved them in. :-)
The building still stands, but many other beautiful old buildings have been allowed to fall to ruin there. You can drive past the Navy Yard on the BQE, and see the hospital still there, all boarded up, at the top of its own little hill. A fine old Federal style structure, just waiting for a creative idea to give it a new life.

Mop time

By the looks of the floor I'm not sure how sterile this place is.

Casual Observer

Could the casters on the gurney be any smaller? Hit one crevasse or crack and the patient spills onto the tiled floor.

If that poor patient is not yet dead, he soon will be. Then, they can hoist him up on the block chain and tackle located next to the IV flask.


Tear Drops

I'd be afraid to ask what those tear drop shaped bottles are used for!

After this needle

I have to clean the grout in all those tiles.

No anesthetist?

This looks like one of those things where the photographer poses the subjects, despite the fact that he knows nothing whatsoever about what they are supposed to be doing. If this was really a surgical procedure, I think there would be some kind of anesthetist. This just looks like they had a guy lie down on the table, threw a sheet over him!

Let's Have a Big Hand

Please tell me it's still attached to its owner.

Canopic Jars

Ready for disassembly! Nice rack of big labeled jars to the right. As they used to say in Egypt: "A jar for every organ, an organ for every jar."

I could probably use those two hanging thingamajigs in my garage to top off the washer and coolant bottles.

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