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Cat Sandwich: 1984

Cat Sandwich: 1984

January 21, 1984. Our cat is in her favorite place, Father having provided himself with a protective covering using the Sunday papers. The day before was his 82nd birthday, and everybody - the whole family plus grandkids - have gathered this Saturday for the celebration and traditional Big Deal Dinner in the dining room. Other photos in this set show that Mother has made a prime rib with pan-roasted potatoes.

She was originally my brother's cat; we adopted her some 14 or so years earlier when he got a teaching job in Spain. He'd named her "Radio Mary Fubash." My folks wisely chose to call her "Kitty." Outside, when not doing typical cat things like lurking in the bushes, she'd follow Father around all over as he worked in the yard or just relaxed. I think that some dog DNA must have somehow sneaked into her ancestry. I shot this on 35mm Kodacolor 100. View full size.


Just beautiful.


Makes me wish I still had a cat.

The cat !!!

A fine gray cat indeed. It reminds me of feline we adopted at work place many years ago (Oochie Coo or just Ooch). She also was more dog than cat. Really miss that ol' fleabag.

Celebrity Dad

Cary Grant was your father? Who knew?

Honey, you know I like my cat sandwiches on bread!

Despite the amount of fiber in the newspaper, I'm certain the cat would taste better on rye.

tterrace, that is probably my favorite of all your incredibly candid shots!

Good Old Dad

Wow. Your dad looked great at age 82. I have another 10 years to match that and I don't think I will age that well myself. Good health to you and your family.

Father time

Your Christmastime photo of your dad is my all-time favorite but this runs a close second.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and commentary.


Happy Dad's Day to all the Shorpy fathers.

Great Shot!

As usual very evocative. Tterrace, I'm glad to see you've posted again the last couple of Sundays. I always love looking at your photos, especially those from the 1970's and early 1980's; bringing them up to full size and examining the small details that contribute so much to the ambiance. I didn't have that kind of life myself and so I have almost no pictures of my own to recreate a sense a time and place. Even though we lived virtually on opposite sides of the continent and 10 years apart your pictures bring those times to life for me quite vividly. Keep bringing them on!

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