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Star-Spangled Stang: 1967

Star-Spangled Stang: 1967

The 1967 Twin Cities (Larkspur & Corte Madera, California) Fourth of July Parade on the 300 block of Magnolia Ave. in Larkspur, right down the hill from our house. The "Leoettes" was an auxiliary of the Lions Club - see the toy lion over the windshield? Their garb commemorates the Spanish/Mexican history of the area; at the end of the block, the car will cross the boundary between two old Mexican land grant ranchos: Punta de Quentin (here) and Corte Madera del Presidio. Today this parade entry would be part of the vintage car contingent. This is a section of a 35mm Kodachrome slide. View full size.

Ford Mustangs

I was born and grew up in Milpitas, Ca, about an hour and a half south of where this was taken. Ford's west coast autofactory was in Milpitas, and the Mustang was the most well advertised and promoted vehicle they had.
Every year, for every parade in Milpitas, the factory would provide brand new cars for the town Mayor and City Council to ride in. Since my dad was City Council/Mayor for most of my childhood, I rode in one of the new cars with him each year.
MANY of the cities around us also got new cars for the parades courtesy of the dealers/factory. It was some of the best advertising Ford ever did, and created whole towns that were devoted to Ford in the process.
I miss those halcyon days.

Chevy & Mustang

The white truck behind the Mustang appears to be a 1964 Chevrolet Step-Side Pickup. The badge on the fender looks too wide to be a 1963 model.

The two vents in front of the rear wheels of the Mustang were unique to the 1967 model year. The 1966 models had three vents, and the 1968 models had one large horizontal vent. Note also that there are no side marker lights or reflectors which were required on all vehicles made on or after January 1, 1968. The primary purpose of these lights and reflectors is to increase vehicle visability .

I Have Never Been a Fan of Mustangs

But I have to admit that few cars look better cruising down a 4th of July parade route with a couple of pretty girls perched on the folded convertible top.

Ok, I give up

What is the car make of the vehicle on the used car lot, facing us straight on?

[Those are new Toyotas from the dealership whose showroom is off-frame to the right. - tterrace]

Thanks. Now I can get some sleep tonight.

Brand new Mustang

This 1967 model Mustang was the first design revision for the fabled marque. Introduced as the "1964 1/2" Mustang, it set all sorts of sales records, and established a cult following every since. As a 12 yr. old, I sent away for a Mustang toy car for a dollar. I still have it and noticed they were selling for $100 at an antique show recently!

Cool car.

And a great time to be alive.

Larry the Lion

The toy lion perched on top of the windshield looks like Mattel's Larry the (Talking) Lion.

The pull string on the front played about seven different recordings in a random order. I believe one was "I'll protect you," and another was "You're my hero."

The puppet version allowed you to put your four fingers in his snout and your thumb in his lower jaw. The tongue was made of felt or similar material and could be manually moved and the ears could be stood up or laid down.

Pictures of both versions are below. The free standing toy is missing a few whiskers and the puppet version seems to not be as shaggy as it should be.

A different picture today

In 1986, Lions Club International amended its constitution to allow female members. Their years of service and credit for offices held, as "lionesses," transferred over if they joined the Lions Club.

On July 4

Big hair rules!

Twin Cities

I wonder if Larkspur & Corte Madera are sister cities to the other twins, Minneapolis & Saint Paul. Happy Fourth!!

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