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Tykes n Bikes: 1910

Tykes n Bikes: 1910

Continuing our Sunshine State sojourn circa 1910: "Entrance to Riverside Park, Jacksonville, Florida." Detail of 8x10 inch glass negative. View full size.


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Beware the Spanish Moss

Many an ill-informed hunter or camper in Florida has resorted to Spanish Moss for certain sanitary uses. Softer than Charmin. Some time later they are introduced to the Florida redbug (family Trombiculidae) in their nether regions. The misery of the itching is equalled by the embarrassment of compulsive scratching and looking like a real pervert.


What's with the shoes, did they only sell one style? I guess this would help when it was hand-me-down time. You wouldn't have to worry if it was a boy or girl getting the shoes.

Fall down go boom

Live oaks differ from the oaks you have in the north. One thing about them, they need regular care by a knowledgeable arborist. They will rot from the inside out. Every time we have a strong thunder storm they have a house with a live oak in it on TV. As big as they are they make a real impression on a house. I have two on my property, and have them checked every year.

Spanish Moss

The plant dripping from the live oak (Quercus virginiana) is Spanish Moss (Tillandsia usneoides). It grows throughout the Americas, wherever heat and humidity are adequate for its survival. It's a bromeliad, related to the pineapple.

Way too clean

These kids are far to clean and well dressed to be Little Rascals.

These are the rich kids the Rascals would despise, until they got to ride their bikes.

What Kind of Tree?

What a charming photo. Like an illustration out of a Storybook and the drooping trees are very beautiful! Never having been in Florida, other than changing planes, I wonder, what kind of tree is that directly over the children?

[It's an oak. - Dave]

The Little Rascals

This looks like a scene straight out of one of "The Little Rascals" (Our Gang) comedies.

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