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Blitzen Benz: 1911

Blitzen Benz: 1911

May 25, 1911. Bob Burman and his "Blitzen Benz," a month after setting a world speed record in the car. View full size. George Grantham Bain Collection.


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Bob, Brunhilde, Bernard, Barbara Burman

Bob's parents were not Brunhilde & Bernard, they were Frances and William. Bob's wife's name was not Barbara. He had two wives, the first Lulu, and the second Helen. I don't believe that either of his parents saw him race out of state, but I'm not sure of that.

[You are still Not Getting It. - Dave]

Wife and parents

His wife was not Barbara (he had two wives in his lifetime), and his parents, were not Brunhilde & Barnard. I don't believe his parents ever saw any of his races out of state. But that I can't be sure.

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Bob Burman

At the time Burman set that official speed record, he was the fastest man in the world. Only a bullet or cannon shell was faster - he was twice as fast as any existing airplane, and no locomotive could go faster, either. It was a unique record.

Racer X

To go with the earlier Speed Racer post.
Can't you see the speedlines?

Was his wife's name really

Was his wife's name really Barbara? I think not


Does he not look just like Tobey Maguire?

Is today's picture brought to us by the letter B?

Did Bob Burman race his "Blitzen Benz" at Brighton Beach?

Was his wife Barbara in the audience? Were his parents, Brunhilde & Barnard, at the finish line?

Up too late last night,

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