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Bowery Flophouse: 1903

Bowery Flophouse: 1903

Reading room of 10 cent Bowery lodging house circa 1903. Headline in newspaper: "San Domingo Falls After Big Battle." View full size. 8x10 glass negative, George Grantham Bain Collection.


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That looks like a smelly, smelly, stench filled room.


If it IS an ashtray, it's interesting to think that tobacco waste was segregated like that. Or was it considered rude to put out your cigar/cigarette out in a spittoon? I'd think if you did then the tobacco juice would completely extinguish the butt.

"You put your ashes in my spittoon! You put your spit in my ashtray!"

Re: Spittoon?

Seems to be an ashtray.


Is that a finger-hole for easy lifting? 'Cause there's no way I'm sticking a finger or thumb in that nasty receptacle! (Love the potbelly stove, though...wish I had one again.)

You may be right about the gentleman on the right, too. (And what's up with that one guy's foot? The one two people away from the his shoe on the wrong foot? Is it just bent at an odd angle? Huge?)

A Priest?

I'm wondering about the fellw on the far right, if he might not be a man of the cloth. He's the only one without a hat, the only one with a beard, and it almost looks like he has a white collar peeking above his shirt. There just seems to be an overall feeling of something about his that doesn't quite fit in with the rest. Just supposin'.

And what's that round thing to his left on the floor? An Art Deco spittoon?

"How do I get to the Susquehanna Hat Company?"

I found it....

Here is a snippet:

Baez was succeeded by Gonzalez (1873-1879), under whom the country enjoyed a period of tranquillity. Great political agitation followed, which terminated in 1882 with the election of Ulises Heureaux, a negro, and capable statesman. Under his despotic rule of nearly 17 years, the republic enjoyed greater prosperity and tranquillity than it had ever known. He was assassinated in July 1899, and was succeeded by Jiminez, who was driven out by General Vasquez in 1902. Vasquez, in turn, was deposed by a revolution headed by General Wos y Gil, who became president in 1903, but was overthrown by Jiminez in November of that year. In 1904 Jiminez was expelled and C. F. Morales became president. Ramon Caceres was installed in 1906, and in 1908 a new constitution was proclaimed and Caceres was elected for the term 1908-1914.

Re: San Domingo

Capital of the Dominican Republic. Below: Headline from November 25, 1903.

San Domingo???

I've looked around, and I don't see any reference to "San Domingo" falling in a big battle anywhere near 1903....Who might know what they are referring to?

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