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State of New York: 1910

State of New York: 1910

Cleveland, Ohio, ca. 1910. "Cuyahoga River from the viaduct." Sidewheeler State of New York at the Detroit & Cleveland Navigation Co. docks. View full size.


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Though be-fogged with coal smoke, Schlitz is still the beer that made Milwaukee famous. Apparently with a little help from Moxie, A drink that always tasted of ground up walnut hulls to me.

The River Today

The two buildings on the right behind the boat are still there. The two large tanks in the distance are where the office building that's being built (with the crane on top) today is. I used to work just east of the site of the two tanks, on the top of the hill and we used to gaze out the window towards the river all the time. It was all overgrown in the 80s and then cleared and used as an impound lot. Someone then bought the property, cleaned it up and created a legitimate parking lot out of it. In the process they uncovered and removed the stones of the foundations of the two storage tanks. I think they were Standard Oil tanks.

Cleveland Browns stadium would be off to the right of the photo in the far distance, with the land not created yet, as it's built on landfill.

From a 1900 map

I believe the photographer is on the viaduct crossing the river from the numeral "3". The domed buildings right of center are Union Depot. Today's Browns' Stadium is there now, or just behind them.

Urban Planning Back in the Day

Nice how they leveled off the top of that slag heap to construct attractive river-view villas.

Schlitz the Beer that Made Milwaukee Famous

The Schlitz globe stirs the cockles of my heart. The brewery owned a number of retail outlets (taverns) in the Milwaukee area prior to prohibition, each adorned with a ribboned Schlitz globe atop the establishment. After prohibition the company divested itself of the bars. To the best of my knowledge the only remaining building with a globe houses a wonderful Serbian restaurant in the Bay View area of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (The burek is outstanding.) The old Schlitz Brewery buildings now host trendy bars, retail and office space, lofts, etc.

State of those White Dresses

Must have been quite a bit of laundering going on upon return home to wash out all that coal-burning steam engine soot, etc.

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