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Lady Libertine: 1902

From 1902, another of Fitz Guerin's metaphorical maidens.View full size.

From 1902, another of Fitz Guerin's metaphorical maidens.View full size.

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Just a Question

Wouldn't a smoke and drink be somewhat scandulous during that timeframe?

[I believe that's the point. - tterrace]

Very, very beautiful

Very, very beautiful girl. I looked at this photo many times during last 3 years and still like it. There is some kind of mystery, or I don't know what is it.

PS. This girl could be today about 125 years old (if it could be possible)

Turn of the Century look

This is a wonderful picture, her delicate pose and alluring smile make her very elegant despite the informal dress. I am fascinated by the styles from the turn of the century, with the long flowing hair and dresses... quite a contrast to the Victorian look. This reminds me very much of the women painted by Maxfield Parrish. I used to have a number of Parrish prints in my apartment years ago in my single days, and often received compliments from female visitors on the nice artwork. Who knew that I would get positive responses from women for adorning my place with pinups? This photo would fit right in. The calendar idea is a great one.


Beautiful young lady.

And, a smoke and a drink doth not a polluter and/or a glutton make, necessarily.

20th-Century Gal

This photo is a true representation of America...
for the previous Twentieth Century.

Miss Gluttony and Pollution!


she’s well over 15 now... ;)

How old is she?

That girl looks to be about 15 years old! Rein it in, guys!

this photo

I think this photo shows great intrest in the historical time line for me

I second that

I'd buy a "Girls of Guerin" calendar myself. That would look just awesome on the office wall...

And sometimes....

A cigarette is just a cigarette...


what a naughty party girl. Thankfully she's not showing any of that scandalous ankle. That would just push the public over the edge.

[True. But what about those elbows? Provocatively bare! - Dave]

Oh yeah!!!

Fitz knew how to pick em.


Dave, if you would make up a 2008 calendar using the girls of Guerin, I would buy it, would look great in my office. This one would have to be Miss January.

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