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Dancing Glass Balls: 1905

Dancing Glass Balls: 1905

Rockaway, New York, circa 1905. "The Bowery looking east." Much intriguing signage here. 8x10 inch glass negative, Detroit Publishing Co. View full size.


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Basket Parties Welcome

I'm afraid to know if there is some modern day euphemism, but circa 1900 a "basket party" consisted of couples or families on a day-long excursion with a picnic lunch packed in a basket.

Round-About New York, 1902.


Established 25 Years and now the largest and best-known manufacturer in the United States.

Sausages, Bologna, Frankfurters and Wiener Wurst, Smoked and Corned Beef, Smoked and Corned Tongue, Kosher Cooking Fat, 1,3,5 & 10 lb. cans.

Goods shipped to all parts of the United States. Orders solicited.

318 and 320 E. Houston Street, New York.

What's In a Name?

The real Bowery (in Lower Manhattan, not Rockaway Beach) was an unsavory area that has only recently lost its reputation for cheap dives, flop houses, and rampant street crime. The song "The Bowery," popular about the time this photo was taken, in no way presented that thoroughfare as having any redeeming characteristics. In popular culture, the area was synonymous with a trap for the unwary and a refuge for the reprehensible. Why then, one wonders, was a site of innocent amusement in Queens named after such a place -- perhaps to simulate the thrilling allure of counterfeit sin in an area of relative safety?

[Coney Island also had a Bowery. - tterrace]

Oyster Stew

I think I start with some oyster stew from Frederick's. Then, I'll get one of those frankfurters, and finish with some ice cream.

I could also use one of those canes that guy is hawking. I can't reach most of the nuts on my pecan tree and a came would really help to pull those branches down where I could reach them.

Organ Grinder ?

Man in the right foreground wearing a striped vest and white, western style hat seems to be holding a box and the two people to his right seem to be looking down and are amused by something. Could he be an organ grinder an his monkey is just out of sight? Any other speculations ?

Where can I sign up?

"WANTED: 500 men to eat Frankfurters"

Crystal Hotel

"Charles Vollmer, who conducts the Crystal Hotel on Ocean Avenue, is considered one of the most popular hotel keepers in Seaside. His guests always seem to be in a happy frame of mind, which is evidence that the genial proprietor sees to it that there is nothing lacking for the comfort and amusement of his patrons.

The hotel is one of the oldest on Rockaway Beach, and is noted for its original style of serving German dishes. The well appointed cafe is also an attraction". NYT July 17, 1904.

The article also mentions Curley's Hotel, which was still in existence when I was a yute. Seaside is roughly in the area of Beach 90th to about Beach 110th Streets, and was damaged in the recent floods.

I need glasses

For a second I thought there was a satellite dish on the 2nd roof on the left. I said to myself "Hey they had satellite back then?" When we all know they only had cable TV.

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