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Christmas Loot: 1951

Christmas Loot: 1951

"Xmas 1951." Christmas Past, and Christmas presents. Our 12th slide from this batch of 35mm Kodachromes found on eBay. Most of them seem to have been taken in or near Pinconning, Michigan. View full size.

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The airplanes

For a closer look at these toys, and the other presents, look here.
And, btw, the airplane model resembles most the B-25.

The plane is a mongrel

The portion of the plane visible in this pic is rather accurate for a DC-3/C-47 (Dakota to you Brits) except for the printed "features". The empennage that's visible in one of the other pictures in the series is quite odd. It seems a fanciful treatment of that on a B-35 or Lockeed Model 10 "Electra".


I remember airplane toys similar to that "bomber". They never seemed quite accurate. Didn't seem to make much difference as I liked them anyway.

Pinconning resource

Might be worthwhile to send all the Pinconning photos (at least 12) to the local chamber of commerce there, They may recognize some, or may know who would know more.

About the plane

It could be a Beech AT-11.

Don't knock yourselves out trying to ID plane

It's not even a reasonably correct model of an actual airplane. Rather, it's some sort of composite that was probably not meant to represent a specific type. Further confusing matters it has a postwar (1947 and later) national insignia in combination with the obsolete "U.S. ARMY" designation that would have been retired at about that same time when the Air Force became a separate division of the armed forces. It's just a toy, and its recipient need never know any of these nitpicky matters.

That bomber

I think it's supposed to represent a B-25. The pressed sheet metal wouldn't give you all the details properly, but they're painted on. The other photo of it shows that it has twin tails, like a B-25.

Re: That airplane

It's a Douglas B-18 Bolo

Pre-war bomber, derived from the DC-2.

That airplane

looks suspiciously like a German Heinkel HE-111

Who is this kid?

There just has to be a way to discover the identity of our once-young Pinconning Pal. How about publishing his photo in the Pinconning newspaper? Or renting a big billboard with his photo just on the edge of town? There has to be someone in the area who would know his name and what became of him. Maybe he is still there himself. Who knows? But then, I suppose this could be considered an invasion of privacy and perhaps would not appreciated. Still, it would be interesting to know more about him- a fellow Michigander of about my age.

What Solo Said!

I've never thought of it in just that way, but Solo makes a good point. I can remember in 1958 being so happy to show my friends my Paladin gun belt and in 1966 showing my friends my Man from U.N.C.L.E. spy briefcase.

As to the airplane toy identification, I am also puzzled. It sure looks like a German plane with USAF markings!!!


Parents Just Don't Get It

Hoppy paraphernalia were indeed cool, but the coolest part of receiving them was to belt on the cap guns or don the gauntlets and head on outside to amaze and astound your friends. Somehow, a chenille bedspread doesn't seem to fill the bill.

Christmas Wish

I wish I had "show all your loot" pictures from my childhood Christmases to look back on.

Cushman chair

The chair he is on looks to be a Cushman Colonial. These were made in Bennington Vt. by the Cushman Furniture Co. I just recently sold a set like this. There were different variations of the colonial line from the 30's through the 60's.

All that Loot

and still no Daisy Red Ryder BB Gun... 8^C

Is there a doctor in the house?

You might need one, the Country Doctor toy is now selling for $165 on ebay.

Is our little lad a rural cousin of the Edwards boy? just a thought
A Happy Christmas to all Shorpyites

Hopalong Cassidy

I think I spy a Hopalong blanket. I had an H gun and cowgirl outfit!!! That kid had a good Christmas!!

Loot Kid

Loot Kid looks about my age. Definitely got more stuff than I did; and my sister called me spoiled. Hmph. That doctor set looks awfully familiar though, including the pseudo-leather pseudo-medical bag box design. I want to say that's a Morris chair he's on, since it bears resemblance to the one in our summer place around this time.


Dave, I'm about a half-hour from Pinconning. Any other clues from your slides? You've definitely got my interest piqued now.

[The clues are photos of a Pinconning school bus and an International Harvester dealership, Heppner & Jacobs. - Dave ]

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