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Time for TIME: 1940

Time for TIME: 1940

July 1940. "Reading on the front porch. Lincoln, Vermont." Homey props: Cat, kite, broom, washboard. Screen door! Photo by Louise Rosskam. View full size.


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1. Don X, the expression "too poor to paint; too proud to whitewash" comes immediately to mind.

2. Fanhead and sstucky, perhaps that rustic Canterbury was a very early 4-H or Cub Scout project. Better than the ashtray I hammered asymmetrically for my father from an aluminum disc.

3. Max, though the washtub seems to be a field expedient (rain water and tar soap -- my, the ladies' hair will shine!), I am still impressed with the triangular section cantelevered from the porch to support it.

So Much Stuff

It's a 4-H family, too.

Old Time

The figure on the cover of that Time magazine appears to be Francisco Franco (not yet "still dead"), from the September 6, 1937 issue. Below is the unenhanced original from the LoC, with the Franco cover superimposed in the lower left, then crudely Photoshopped adjacent to the original for comparison.

Trout Fishing in America!

Are those fishing poles stored above the kite?

Yup, those are fly rods, just waiting bring home some scrappy Vermont native brookies.

Soft water without a water softener

The washtub is strategically placed to collect rainwater from the roof. Maybe it's there to keep water away from the foundation or maybe it's for washing hair or rinsing glassware. I suppose it could be for laundry--with the washboard removed from the screen door--but the water would have to go on the stove or the washtub put over a fire.

Leaning Tower of Paper

The magazine rack looks to be made of a vegetable crate that is about to give up the fight.

Thwarted -- for now.

Looks like said washboard and screen door are conspiring to keep said cat on said porch, but if I know anything about cats, this isn't over.

I'm trying to determine which issue of Time she's reading (yes, I'm at work - why do you ask?). The blob of darkness on the left of the cover suggests it could be July 8. It doesn't fit perfectly, but I can't find another issue from around that time that fits any better.

Summer Coat

It looks more like it's time to paint the house.

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