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A Toast: 1940

A Toast: 1940

Summer 1940. "'Venetian Night' party at the Detroit Yacht Club, whose members represent the wealthier class of manufacturers. Commodore and girls drinking." Happy New Year from Shorpy! Photo by Arthur Siegel. View full size.


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Well lit.

I'm constantly impressed at just how well these FSA/OWI photographers lit their subjects in such close quarters. I first noticed the quality of their work with John Collier's Hot Shoppe photos.

Flashbulbs were fairly new technology in 1940. I wonder if the govt. photographers were using flashbulbs or flood lights. All of the close quarter photos look like they are lit with a key light and a fill light. Flash or flood it required some setup work. Maybe they had an assistant


Always enjoy watching people celebrate my Birthday! Happy SHORPY New Year, one and all!

What's the story?

Interesting details. The lady to the left (on the Commodore's right) appears to be wearing a wedding ring, note where her left elbow and arm are resting...hmmm. and where exactly has the Commodore's left arm gone? And check out where the "wife's" gaze is directed...not at the Commodore, but at the younger woman gazing at him. Also, the wife's left hand, resting on Commodore's leg..where her hand contacts the other woman's hand, she sticks out her finger, just a little possessive reflex. All very interesting. Now if we only knew the details.
Yeah, the sailor inside's look says it all.

Attempted leer...

...but the sailor really needs to work on the upper lip curl part if he's going to nail it.

Happy New Year, Fellow Shorpy Fans

A daily visit with Shorpy and his fans has been part of my life for almost five years now. Thank you, Dave; please keep it going.

A Toast: 1940

The man in the middle looks like George Romney.


Happy New Year, Shorpyites! Or should I just say "Shorpy New Year!"?

Rank does have its privileges.

And the sailor on the outside looks like he's ready to start a mutiny, just to get a chance to speak to those lovely ladies.

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