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Ghost Jerk: 1909

Ghost Jerk: 1909

Detroit circa 1909. "Bertram Bros. drug store -- Detroit City Gas Co. light fixtures." Spectral clerks and a nice soda fountain are the featured attractions. 8x10 inch glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company. View full size.


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Gas Lamps?

I am not seeing any gas lamps in this photo, I see electric lamps, but not gas lamps. What am I missing?

[The gas chandelier. - Dave]

Browse Heaven

Ah they don't make drug stores like they used to! What I would give to browse through such a glorious mish-mash of delights, then to sit and enjoy a sweet refreshment.

Old-style drugstores are fascinating.

I enjoy the packages and the general atmosphere. But I'd also be interested to see the sheer number of nostrums available, compared to the relatively few effective medications. Say what you will about the price of medicines today, but at least the stuff works.

Not Fair

I have a love-hate relationship with the old drugstore photos here. I love them because they're beautifully merchandised and full of intriguing-looking packages, but I hate them because I can't step into the photo and buy all those pretty toiletries for my bathroom.

Sour grapes: They probably have radium or lead or something in them anyway.

Bertrams ruled the Depot trade

Apparently lots of people got sick on the trains

Photographie Verité

This has occurred to me on viewing many of the otherwise excellent photos on Shorpy: admittedly it would be difficult if not impossible to effect in shots of crowded streets, but why did not the photographers taking long-exposure pictures in small interiors like this ask the humans to step out of frame briefly? While we "moderns" merely play an amusing variation of "Where's Waldo?" with them, in their day would not these photos with ghost images be judged as merely inferior work on the photographer's part?

A less litigious time

Unless the mezzanine rails are spanned by glass that I cannot discern in the photo, the entire system would seem to be designed to engender "slip-and-fall" ... and fall, and fall ... lawsuits.

[The mezzanine would be for employees only. - Dave]

Honolulu Sundae

According to a Libby's Pineapple ad in in March 15, 1954 Life Magazine, a Honolulu Sundae is made thusly: "Spoon Libby's Crushed Pineapple over vanilla ice cream and you have a sundae that's refreshing, luscious, really Hawaiian. What could be easier?" I'd say nothing. Maybe it was more complicated in '09.

Do not linger

those stools look mighty uncomfortable, make sure you go upstairs for the rest of your shopping.

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