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Alley Kittens: 1955

Alley Kittens: 1955

May 7, 1955. "Beales bowling banquet party." Cocktails with the three amigas. Make mine a triple. 35mm Kodachrome from the "Linda" slides. View full size.

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I remember when

I remember how every event was an occasion for a corsage. Couldn't wait to grow up and get my flowers. Sadly, it was completely out of fashion by the time I was old enough to wear them.

Window treatment

That makes me want to go out and find curtains like that. That whole Mid Century Hawaiian Tiki thing is going on!

Flashed or Flushed?

It could be those rosy cheeks are more the result of 10 frames of bowling alley cocktails rather then the measly flash of a camera.


I was 3 years old when this was taken, this brings back memories of what my mom looked like then -- red lipstick with no other makeup, the hair and clothing styles. Even the clip-on earrings that seemed so popular then (other than maybe the lady on the right?). I guess not as many women pierced their ears back in the day.

Not so much like Mamie

These ladies' hair looks stiff as bristles, probably from hairspray or some of the other products available back then (remember "Dippity-Do"?) but to my eyes (I was also a young boy in the early 1950s) they don't look much like Mamie. She wore bangs for one thing (nothing new under the sun Michelle!).

And agreed about how the flash makes these women look: the one on the left looks postively predatory.

Bees' Knees

Wow, those cocktail dresses are lovely! It's nice to see similar styles on gals at the hip lounges downtown today. Cheers vintage and retro!


This picture is like many color pictures I've taken with a flash. A flash can take an attractive person and make her look like those in the photo.

Put the Blame on Mame

As a young boy in the early 50's I well remember this hairstyle on the ladies left and center. It was highly popular on women of a certain age as styled similar to that of First Lady, Mamie Eisenhower. I just thought it was ugly then and now.

Good old Gert

If that doesn't look like my mom on the far right with two of her bowling buddies from the 60's, I don't know who does.

The "ladies who bowled" lived for that banquet at the end of the season so they could get all dressed up, go out, tip a few drinks and get their prize money awarded so they had a little extra for a new ball or shoes.

Thanks for the memories.

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