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Mr. Bojangles: 1938

Mr. Bojangles: 1938

Summer 1938. "Street scene, New York City." Here's a fellow who looks like he has a story to tell. Medium format negative by Jack Allison. View full size.


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Travellin' Man

I don't know where he's headed next with his carry-on bag and flag, but he probably won't like what happens at airport security.

Why do I look at Shorpy

before I go to bed? Need to get up early but I couldn't resist. Per the 1940 NYC phone book, there was a Wm. Finkelstein, plumber located at 109 West 116th Street.

Great resource provided by the NY Public Library:

Fresh Killed

Not a term one is likely to see at the local supermarket. I guess, in our modern, sanitized world, we are supposed to believe that poultry, as well as other meats, grow in styrofoam trays at a plant somewhere in the Midwest.

Sink Stopper Next Door

Might the sink stopper noticed by Boots_DE be from next door's William Finkelstein Plumber, 109 West 116 Street, Harlem, NY, UNiversity 4-3833?

Re: Actually

I dunno, Dave. Sure looks like /lb to me.

[The price per pound is 22 cents, not .22 cents. - Dave]

Of course, you're right; I didn't notice the decimal!

Wow, will you look at that!

Fresh killed Chickens for .22 cents a pound!

[Actually, 22 cents. - Dave]

Ah, yeah, Peter, I think that's enough flair.

That's enough flair to make Stan proud, Brian jealous, and Joanna want to quit.

A very interesting fellow, indeed!

Including a sink stopper, rabbit's foot, and a cow bell. Would love to have heard his story!

Those signs

really caught my eye, the apex of sign painters art, which would continue for another 20 years,now a lost art, OH, and that guy looks like he is really ready to put on a show!

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