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Sport Mart: 1923

Washington, D.C., 1923. "Sport Mart, 1410 New York Avenue N.W." Continuing our day of window-shopping. National Photo glass negative. View full size.

Washington, D.C., 1923. "Sport Mart, 1410 New York Avenue N.W." Continuing our day of window-shopping. National Photo glass negative. View full size.


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Sport Mart Merchandise

Sport Mart had locations at 914 F St. N.W., 1303 F St. N.W.,
and 1410 N.Y. Ave. N.W. The following lists some of the suppliers for the sporting goods they carried (compiled from Jun 5, 1923 Washington Post).

  • D. Nusbaum Co., Union Course, L.I., Bathing Suits.
  • John Spicer, Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y., Bathing Suits.
  • Gantner & Mattern, San Francisco, Calif., Bathing Suits.
  • Armstrong Knitting Mills, Boston, Mass. Distinctive Knit Jackets.
  • Revere Knitting Mills, Malden, Mass, Sweaters.
  • Kenneth Harbison, Inc., 720 Herkimer St., Brooklyn, N.Y., Athletic Clothing.
  • E. Weisbrod Sons, Greenfield, Mass., Leather Bill Folds.
  • Newtown Line Co., Homer N.Y., Fish Lines.
  • Pflueger's Fishing Tackle, Enterprise Mfg. Co., Akron, Ohio.
  • H.S. Frost Co., New York, N.Y., Snelled Fish Hooks.

My old neighbor Chuck

Love the Converse All Stars. Shoes invented by Chuck Taylor, who spent some time in my hometown of Azalia, IN.


I suspect the "Toymaker" box near the door is a kit for casting figures in lead. Can you imagine the outcry if you were to attempt to sell such a toy today? People would be apoplectic! Give me back my THING MAKER! Sure, I have a scar or two from the hotplate, but it was worth it.

[Used with wood. - tterrace]

For members of the Polar Bear Club

Pure wool bathing suits; must be for those January 1st dips in the ocean.


Gee, I had no idea Keds went back that far.
That was what we had before there were Nikes, Reeboks, etc.
And wool bathing suits sound so uncomfortable.

"A huge maintenance hassle"

To quote Dave on awnings, three posts back (One-Chevy Home:1964). For evidence, please note the narrow panel of the awning, running the width of the shop, just above the fringe with the name and address, where one can view holes that have been patched and holes that have not been patched.

Sports Technology!

Based on the description found on Google Books, I was excited to see the Brooks Golf Stroke Counter. I thought it counted stokes by detecting the movement of the arms in a swing, kind of like a pedometer detects steps, which would make it a seminal device. Alas, I learned from patent application 1,460,842 granted on July 23, 1923 that the golfer had to click it to count his strokes, thereby making it subject to cheating despite the claims to the contrary. What easier way to cheat in golf than "forgetting" to click your high-tech counter?

$3.95 for a wool bathing suit

Suspect the itching and scratching were free of charge.


Front right, we have the No. 44 Mizpah Jock Supporter, which comes with a two week trial - just return it if you find it unsatisfactory. (Fortunately, it can be boiled, which was probably a wise thing to do before putting it on for the first time, given the return policy.)

A more intimate version of Mizpah jewelry, perhaps? "The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from another," indeed!

Converse All Stars

This is probably one of the last photos of a pair of Pre-Chuck Taylor Converse All Stars. In 1923 the patch was redesigned with Chuck Taylor's signature.

Pure wool bathing suits

They certainly must have itched!

Please Dave!!??

Can we stop for a malted milk after window shopping? I promise we'll all be good.

Twinplex Stropper

Found one of these in the attic of my grandparents' Lake Huron house in Michigan many years ago.

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