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String Theory: 1952

String Theory: 1952

Linda and the gang circa 1952. Hey kids, go fly a kite! (But watch out for those power lines.) 35mm Kodachrome slide found on eBay. View full size.

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Today’s Top 5

Fashion sense

Hurry take those kids to the nearest mall and get them jeans with rips and holes. Don't they have any fashion sense at all! The closest we ever came to today's fashion jeans was when we would accidentally rip the jeans and mom would put on an iron on patch but even with that we didn't feel like they were good jeans anymore thus we would try to con a new pair from our parents.

That's me on the far right with the belt end hanging out. When Dad saw that he would always tell me to put my "business" back into my jeans. Love the dirty jeans boy since it seems like he had the art of being a youngster down pat. I know I never got yelled at too much for dirt just for rips and snags since Tide was a lot cheaper than a new pair of pants.

I agree about the fishing line. I used one many times off a pier at Oliver Beach to catch sunfish and perch from the Gunpowder River.

I'm the guy in the middle

Although this picture was taken four years before I was born, I can definitely identify with the boy in the middle. That was me: I played outside all the time, and I got DIRTY. Today, kids don't seem to get dirty anymore, except perhaps on the playing field. But my three grandsons get seriously dirty in their back yard or ours, and I love it!

T-Shirts & Jeans

Were the uniform of the day during the 50s/early 60s. Once you got to about 10 years old or so, it was not cool to wear shorts. I'm the age of the little guy. Time flies for sure.


I knew Linda would eventually smile. Certainly not a toothy grin, but she's definitely having fun running with the pack.

Hand fishing line I believe

If memory serves me correctly that is a hand fishing line setup he has. I used to catch sunfish hanging out near dock pilings that way when I was six or seven years old.

Burlap Flaps

Beautiful shot - the colors, the faces. The burlap tied around the trees really brought back memories. Husband and I built a small tract rancher in southern Pennsylvania in 1979, and paid extra for a wooded lot. We spent the next three springs picking gypsy moth caterpillars out from under burlap flaps strung around our trees, exactly like those in the picture, so our beloved oaks would survive. Most did.

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