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How to Marry a Millionaire: 1953

How to Marry a Millionaire: 1953

1953. Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall and Betty Grable in a publicity still for the movie "How to Marry a Millionaire." Photo by Earl Theisen. View full size.


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Lauren Bacall is as beautiful today as she was then. And that dress! Wow!

Timeless Beauties

Nice! This photo shows three women who all these years later, still look like they would fit right in today - so classy! This was a time when stars showed their natural beauty - so totally unlike today's stars who so often ruin their looks with multiple surgeries. Sad.

Even better with in-jokes

Lauren has a line wherein she she reassures her older beau, William Powell, that she like older men--"just crazy about that old guy in "The African Queen." Betty Grable fails to recognize a Harry James (her husband at the time) recording in the cabin scene; and I would not be surprised if Marilyn's thick glasses were not a sly poke at her Actor's Studio seriousness.

Hard to believe

Only about ten years since "To Have and Have Not," Bacall's first film. Makes you wanna whistle for some reason.

Shoe Envy

I want a pair of each of their sandals! Heck, I'll take copies of their outfits too!

Theatre Moment

A few years ago, myself, my wife and a cousin of ours went to see a Broadway show. We got to the theatre a few minutes before the curtain rose. If I have to pass through a row of theatre goers, I sometimes try to lessen their burden with a stock remark "this should teach you not to come early". This time an elderly woman was in the aisle seat and we had the next 3 seats. As I passed her I made that remark and she was not amused. A few more words were exchanged, I finally squeezed past her and took my seat. A woman seated to my left leaned over and asked "what were you and Lauren Bacall talking about".

Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Mo

Oh forget it...why should you have to pick just one?

My! My! My!

In six years of visiting Shorpy, I've never ordered a print. That may change with this one! Wowsa!

Nowadays, alas

I know exactly what today's teenagers would say, because I've heard them say it: "Ewww, she's fat!"


Gee, it's nice to see a Shorpy photo in which at least one famous person is still alive! Included are those pix of Dick Van Dyke and MTM. It's as nice of a surprise as to see a film on Turner Classic Movies with a still-living actor--God bless you, Kirk Douglas, Olivia de Havilland, Mickey Rooney, and Eli Wallach!! Sidebar: does anyone know if Luise Rainer is still with us?

[Yes, Luise Rainer - born 1910 - is still with us. -tterrace]

In retrospect

This is better than the poster of Farrah Fawcett I had on my wall as a teenager in 1977.

26, 28, 36

Those are their ages at the time of the photo, starting with Norma Jean. Interesting how Lauren and Betty look a little older than their years, at least to my time weary eyes.

Pure class

Without botox, lifts and tattoos.

Comparison time

There is probably more screen presence, sex appeal, and charisma in any one of these ladies' pinky fingers than all of the so called A-List actors ( male & female) working today.

One beautiful woman

Boy, Lauren Bacall was/is one beautiful woman. Even between these two legendary mega-stars of the silver screen, her star shines brightest.

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