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Strategy Session: 1966

Strategy Session: 1966

Gotham City in 1966. Batman and Robin (Adam West and Burt Ward) in an unguarded moment in the Bat-Cave (or perhaps on the Bat-Set) with the Bat-Mug. Photo by Richard Hewett for Look magazine. View full size.

On Shorpy:
Today’s Top 5

Loving these!

More Batman please!

Cord thing

The "cord thing" in the upper left is the end of a short rope attached to what were called "klieg" or "keg" lights. The rope was used to hold the coiled up power cord when the lights were stored. The loop seen was hung on one of the adjustable swivel knobs on the side of the light. Originally klieg lights were carbon arc lights, but the term was often used for keg shaped conventional lighting units. The bulbs used were larger than a fist, and were 500 and 1000 watt. They were used for both movie and still photography. I still have one in my basement darkroom.

A Canaletto

The painting: Entrance to the Grand Canal: from the West End of the Molo is in the National Museum of Art in Washington.

"Goodnight Kiss" by Amos Sewell

On the table a "Saturday Evening Post" from 1962-07-28.
Cover illustration "Goodnight Kiss" by Amos Sewell.

Holy shivers, Batman

Robin must be chilly, even with the bright lights. He's wearing long underwear or tights. Comic book Robin went bare-legged.

More Bat Innuendo

You meant the Baturday Evening Post, right?

Subway Strap?

What the heck is that cord thing in the upper left? I am assuming it's something for filming.

[Judging by how out-of-focus it is, it's relatvely small and hanging close to the camera. -tterrace]

So sorry

Sorry, but I can't help laughing...they look so ridiculous!!! I love Robin's exquisite and imaginative mask! Ah, the 60s had some crappy TV.

Shorpy within Shorpy

Kinda looks like a photo from Shorpy framed on the wall above the sofa. To the Bat Cave!

How many times

How many times have I told you to keep your feet off the table!

Look Magazine

might have cropped the Saturday Evening Post out of the shot.


The Bat-Implications of this Bat-Picture are inconsistent with the presence of The Saturday Evening Post on the coffee table.

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