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Public Figures: 1929

Public Figures: 1929

Washington, D.C., 1929. The caption for this one is, disappointingly, NO CAPTION. That looks like Herbert Hoover on the left. Who are the others? What about the lady? Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. View full size.


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I'm pretty sure

this is actually a still from a Twilight Zone episode.

From left to right

Some of these are tough and I am less than 100% certain of but I believe that they are from left to right...
Herbert Hoover
Sitting Uncertain but possibly Charles Curtis
Calvin Coolidge
Charles Dawes
Sitting w/glasses James Eli Watson
Sitting Nicholas Longworth
Standing Billy Sunday
Sitting Robert M. La Follette

Billy Sunday

I think the standing character leaning on a small podium (back right) might be the brimstone and fire preacher Billy Sunday. Pictures of him show him leaning heavily on a small podium like that. He had a national following and used a lot of physical action and antics in his sermons. These postures he took while preaching were widely known and often poked fun at.

Statue of Limitations

"Mrs E.F. Flotney of Walla Walla displays her hand carved likenesses of the Presidents, produced from the finest Mississippi mud"

Silent Cal?

The one with the glasses looks like Calvin Coolidge.

True to the Nom de Plume

I thought that was Hoover in the center.

I think

the one on the left is Theodore Roosevelt, although it also looks like Ted Kennedy, and yes, perhaps Hoover.

The lady draws my eye. She seems to look looks a bit oddly upon the carvings, presumably her creations. They are all interesting, but would I be willing to sleep with them in the same house at night?

I don't think so.

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