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Pickled: 1954

Pickled: 1954

Dining With Shorpy, cont'd: "New York, 1954. Singer Jaye P. Morgan performing on the Robert Q. Lewis television show; at a party; eating at a restaurant." A dish of dills, a tub of kraut, and thou. Photos by Phillip Harrington for the Look magazine article "The Private Life of Jaye P. Morgan." View full size.

On Shorpy:
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She Is

Worth a 'search'; at near 80, she's still roaring along. And you can take a moment to enjoy her voice; she has a great set of pipes.

Brined, Not Pickled

It looks to me like the end of a branch of dried coral used as a decoration, perhaps in a vase hidden behind him?

Pickles and Kraut

The tubs of pickles and sauerkraut on the table were a feature of the late lamented Arthur Maisel's chain of restaurants. This might have been the one at Broadway and 51st.

If I sit very still

... I can balance this pickle on my nose."

I thought at first it was a film defect, but it has a definite texture. There must be a plant or something just next to him.

The Importantce of First Impressions

Is Robert Q. Lewis balancing a pickle on the end of his nose? A precognitive audition for future Gonger Morgan? I think she's about to reach for the mallet!

[That's not Robert Q. Lewis. -tterrace]

[P.W. Herman Sr. - Dave]

Robert Q

I had an album of Robert Q. Lewis' when I was a kid; couldn't get enough of it. It was called "I'm Just Wild About Vaudeville" and contained such gems as "Loving You Has Made Me Bananas" and "Oh Katerina," which contains the line "Oh Katerina, Katerina, to say I love you, must be leaner. There's so much of you, who could love you? Learn to swim, join a gym, eat Farina."

The Thing

What is that object growing out of the top of her date's nose?

[Midtown Nose Borer. Endemic to Manhattan. - Dave]


Those pickles do look like they're on the verge of becoming sentient. (Maybe they already were.)

But regardless, I'd never heard of Jaye Morgan before, what an incredibly beautiful woman.


Looks like she's dining with Nicolas Cage.

I only knew her from the Gong Show, I never knew she was so pretty!

And 20 years later

Jaye P. would be making pickle jokes on the Gong Show!


If that's not a pregnant meal then she's a guy. What a snack!

Pickles Cigs and Sauerkraut

Bet they smelled just lovely.

J.P. is probably best known today from her Gong Show appearances.

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