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Kildare, Kont'd: 1962

Kildare, Kont'd: 1962

1962. "Richard Chamberlain at MGM Studios, Los Angeles, filming scene for his TV show, Dr. Kildare." An alternate take from this scene. Photo by Earl Theisen for Look magazine; car by Danny McGroo, Culver City. View full size.

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Nice Pop

Back in the early '60s, Chamberlain's Dad made the rounds giving speeches at AA meetings. He didn't hide his identity so I don't feel bad naming him. Called Chuck C and even in a wheelchair he traveled all over, giving wonderful and comical talks at AA meetings big and small. Great guy.

Standing Around

Our church shot a Christmas video in our attic last December, and the house was filled with people standing around. Some of our guests helped us with the Christmas decorations!

At the wheel

I think the sweater-clad young man in the driver's seat is Ken Berry, later of "F Troop," "Mayberry R.F.D." and "Mama's Family."

[Ken Berry was indeed a semi-regular in the series; the IMDb credits him in 14 episodes, in the role of Dr. John Kapish. -tterrace]

Tag Expired

If this was 1962, his license plate is dated 1956. One would never get away with this where I live. I got nailed for being one month late.

[Note that it bears a 1962 registration sticker. -tterrace]

Re: Making a TV Show

They just filmed a movie in my home and there had to be at least hundred people standing around.

In 1962 I was 12 and to me Dr. Kildare was soooo dreamy.

Double, standard

The guy standing on the right of the car looks as if he could be Chamberlain's stand-in and, just supposing, a man with an even closer association.

[That guy looks like Chamberlain because he is Chamberlain. -tterrace]

TTERRACE: I sit corrected. Didn't even eyeball the driver, assuming it was still Chamberlain from the other shot. As my Mom would have said (paraphrasing her slightly to fit this situation), "If that driver was a snake, it would have bit you."

Riding Hoodless

This pic brought back a memory for me that happened about 1966. My boss and I were coming back to town after a day trip to call on clients. We were in my '62 Dodge Dart sedan. As we were about 15 miles from town, suddenly the hood blew up and over the top of the car and landed on the shoulder of the road. We picked it up and put it in the trunk and continued on into town with a hoodless car and two brackets sticking up on either side of the opening. As we got to the city limits, my boss commented with a laugh, "We really look like a couple of real successful businessmen rolling into town."

Making a TV Show

Sure requires a lot of people standing around.

Limited Edition

The Dodge Shorpy was produced exclusively for MGM by the McGroo agency with a custom line of accessories designed for filmmaking. This model was a very limited production run and commands a large premium among collectors today.

Where it's at

Just inside the Mentone Avenue gate on Culver Boulevard at MGM (now Sony) studios looking west.

Best Yet!

The Shorpy tags keep getting better and better!!!

Not the best

selling Dodge model but I understand it is now considered a classic.

Spotted a rarity

It's a very rare Dodge Shorpy. Not many of them around.

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