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Boots 'n' Bros: 1948

Boots 'n' Bros: 1948

Boots the cat, last seen here, with my brother, age 11 and me, age 2, on our lawn in Larkspur, California. Even if the print hadn't been dated, we'd know it was August because the amaryllis are in bloom; we had them in various places all around our yard. The other horticultural item worth noting is, in the upper right corner, what we'd always called just "the citrus tree" until, twenty years or so later, it finally revealed itself to be a grapefruit. This shot, taken by my sister with her Kodak Duaflex, is on the very first roll of color film we ever used, and the last until my brother started taking color slides seven years later. I restored it from a badly-yellowed print - a fate which befell every Kodacolor print from that period. I still have the negative, but it - as again is typical - has become almost completely dense. View full size.

Top Cat!!!

That sure is one cool cat. Thanks for sharing.

Lycoris squamigera (resurrection lily)

The flower's common name in California is usually "resurrection lily."

The leaves actually appear in the Spring long before the flowers. The leaves die back and the flowers appear late Summer.

[I'm one life-long Northern Californian who never heard them called "resurrection lilies." Occasionally my mother would refer to them jocularly as "naked ladies," which, being an innocent Catholic lad, I thought somewhat naughty. But otherwise they were just amaryllis to us. -tterrace]

Naked ladies

My British neighbor has those pink amaryllis in her garden and calls them the title of this comment. It is derived from their flowers blooming before their leaves emerge.


It's good to see a happy-looking cat in a pic with two little kids.


Forgive my ignorance, but what does it mean for a negative to be dense? Is the photo no longer visible? Is it dark? Please elucidate.

[Looks like a piece of brownish-black plastic sheeting to the naked eye. Some image details can brought out in scanning, but not enough to be useful. The result of chemical changes over time in the organic dyes used. -tterrace]

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