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Fruit Tramp: 1936

Fruit Tramp: 1936

July 1936. "Many fruit tramps live in tents like these. Yakima, Washington." Slang for the itinerant agricultural workers, many of them Dust Bowl refugees, who picked apples, pears and cherries in the Pacific Northwest. Photo by Arthur Rothstein for the Resettlement Administration. View full size.


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It looks to me

Like another little "Fruit Tramp" will be arriving in a few months. God bless this woman and her family!

Hard times for the Kane family


Someone tell me I'm wrong - please!

Judging by the slenderness of her face, neck, arms and upper torso, then the sudden protruding of stomach and rear end...could she be expecting? This poor young lady already has enough on her plate to deal with, and it isn't food. Then again, she may be happy and posed side view to show it.

Fruit Tramp

Fruit Tramp, I don't like the name. It is not consistent with the cheerful determination evident in the pictures of many these folks depicted in Resettlement Administration photos from this time.

I believe this woman is pregnant. She has few worldly goods and what she has is in bad condition. She is living close to the land and gives every indication that her next meal may be small. Still, the smile on her face shows not want, but quiet dignity and happiness at the thought of the blessing growing inside her. She is a lesson for our modern society and a warning of what real poverty and hard times are like.

Rising above it

The girl seems to transcend her surroundings. There's a lot of strength and determination is in that face. She's would certainly need it.


It seems strange to see the sled here, amongst the detritus. I wouldn't want to be depending on that spare tire for very long. Brings home how close to the edge these folk were living.

Stoic and Optimistic

The young lady doesn't seem to be overly fazed by her situation. She seems to be looking forward with her head high, knowing things will eventually get better. We could all use a bit of that moxie in today's world.

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