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Uncle Jack: 1961

Uncle Jack: 1961

August 1961. Summer in Hyannis Port: "President John F. Kennedy driving a golf cart full of Kennedy [Shriver, Smith, Lawford] family children." Photo by Stanley Tretick for the Look magazine assignment "Uncle Jack." View full size.

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That's not a different angle of the same shot. It's not the same shot at all. President Kennedy is wearing different colored shirts, the kids are dressed differently (and the boy is missing on his left) and he's wearing sunglasses in one shot and not the other. Seems like giving the kids a joyride wasn't a one time thing.


If Chadwick had the Isetta mechanicals, then they would be very quick golf carts indeed! The Isetta cars used the classic BMW 2 cylinder motorcycle engines, about 1 litre, I believe. Probably one of the few golf carts that could come close to doing a wheelie.


The golf cart is a Chadwick 300 golf cart. Chadwick bought Isetta 300 microcar chassis and drivetrains, and added custom fiberglass bodies. More here.

Another angle

Try as I might, I can't match the kids in the first shot with the new one added of the other point of view. Perhaps there were just so darned many nieces and nephews, Uncle Jack had to take several groups out for the photographers' benefit.

Golf Cart ID

Here is another angle of the same shot.

Anyone ID the Golf Cart?

Can anyone in she sharp Shorpy community identify the golf cart Jack is piloting? It appears to have a front licence plate so it may be road-worthy. The cart looks more like an airport people-mover of rather more generous proportions than the average golf cart today.

The blond boy

was David Kennedy, one of Robert's sons, who sadly died of a drug overdose about 30 years ago.


Unless Uncle Jack has had a child's left arm attached to the right side of his torso, he is not the one driving that cart.

[His right hand is holding the kid's right hand to the wheel. -tterrace]

I feel old

After five years visiting Shorpy, this is the first photo I explicitly remember seeing at its first publication.

Any Family, USA

Great picture. When you reduce it to the basics it's family that really counts. Whether JFK or 'Linda', they're all the same.

The Lost Kennedy Home Movies

There is an excellent documentary by that name that tells the family's history through an amazing collection of home movies, starting with Jacks childhood and going all the way up to about two weeks before he was killed.

Ah, youth!

I've no idea who the blond kid with the six-pack riding in the back is, but 52 years later, I'll bet he wishes he still had those abs and about 2% body fat. Time may or may not exist, but if it does, it is anything but kind.

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