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Executive Offices: 1946

Executive Offices: 1946

March 3, 1946. "Eversharp Inc., Empire State Building, New York. Foyer III. Raymond Loewy Associates, client." And one homesick philodendron. Large-format acetate negative by Gottscho-Schleisner Inc. View full size.


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Good example of the dreadful modern design style.

Poor condition

could this be a pre-remodel photo. The carpet is filthy, the curtains are hung crooked and the plant looks almost dead...Perhaps it was part of a before and after series.

Ah! Room To Stretch!

Unfortunately, gone today is all that what has become known as "wasted space".

Understandably, NYC real estate per-square-foot prices are out of control, and space like this could be better utilized, but what a pleasure spaces like this USED to be.

The worst offenders in jamming people together seem to be doctor's waiting rooms where sick people cough, hack, and wheeze and pass their germs on to those of us who are just there for a simple blood test.

Eversharp Symphony and Skyliner Pens

Harvey in Fla, thanks for pointing that out about the Loewy-designed pens. I'll try to find one on eBay. According to the reference material I've found, the designer of the Skyliner pen was Henry Dreyfuss, and Loewy's design, a few years later, was called the Symphony. They are both beautiful pens and are supposed to be excellent writing instruments.


Wahl-Eversharp has been revived as a company. They're remaking the classic Skyline. Their prices are in line with other high end fountain pens (although still too high for me, since they'd probably end up in the washer).

Mr. Loewy also designed pens

for Eversharp. He was responsible for the Skyliner collection - they fit in with his other mid-Century work, having that characteristic streamlined appearance. Also great writers, as the Eversharp (Wahl in former times) had superb nibs and feed systems. Came in a great range of colors and cap designs.


William Holden to pop through that door any minute, looking for June Allyson.

Have a smoke while you wait

There's something you never see in an office setting any longer - ashtrays.

(Also, that carpet is very poorly installed!)

Rite of Passage

Show me someone brought up in the US between 1940 and 1965 whose parents/guardians did not contribute heavily to the revenues of Eversharp Inc. and I will show you a KGB sleeper agent!

Lamentably, Eversharp was acquired by Parker in 1957, and the brand name soon disappeared. Parker was later aquired by Gilette, itself subsequently glommed onto by Newell-Rubbermaid. Now parents/guardians of El-Hi students fling treasure at Dell and Apple.

Good to know that in "the day," Eversharp possessed a nice place for the graphite salesmen to hang out.

Smoke If You Got 'Em

They weren't in the cigarette business but those pedestal ashtrays were for the visitors. It shows how far we've come. Now the only building where you can legally smoke in NYC is the United Nations headquarters.

You'll be Sor-ry

The Eversharp Company Logo says it all. Purveyors of fine mechanical writing devices since 1913.

I'll take one of those small seats, thank you. The long, long-seated sofas defy assuming any sort of non back-breaking position that is still within the tolerances of business decorum. While I have the highest regard for Mr. Loewy, one wonders in he ever had to sit on one of those things for more than a minute.

Dirty ashtrays

I was thinking that this looks just like a waiting room you would find now, until I noticed the ash trays. It is SUCH an improvement that most Americans don't smoke indoors any more, many who don't smoke in their own homes, either.

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