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The Natty Campers: 1905

The Natty Campers: 1905

New Zealand circa 1905. "Male youths outside tent, probably Christchurch district." Glass plate by Adam Maclay. View full size.


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Question About Their Ties

Those are some wide knots in their ties. It also looks as though the young fellow on the left has either a short tie or his tie has been cut off. But my question is about the fellow on the right's tie: Is that wide band going across his tie connected to his shirt to hold his tie in place? I've never seen that before. The cap worn by the fellow on the left is similar to what we used to wear in the Cub Scouts.

Accident Waiting to Happen

Tie your shoe, son, before you fall on that axe and hurt yourself.

Catty Nappers

The next post, the context here, and my general warpedness handed my mind that title, the first time I read it.

Fancy camping

It appears that camping was either a serious business or a semi-permanent state in New Zealand. Other examples of Maclay's work show similarly impressive tent accommodations.

They win!

That is officially the DORKIEST pair of so-called camping outfits I have ever seen -- what a hoot!

Maybe it's like the Haitian tent cities

My first thought as two why two young men would have semi-permanent furniture in a tent and dress in suits is that they may well not be "camping" but might have been made homeless in the Aug. 9, 1904 earthquake in New Zealand, rated between 6.8 and 7.2 on the Richter scale. The tent may be set up where a home used to be.

[No, this is a standard camping setup. Thousands of similar photos in the archive. - Dave]

RE: Close to Home

Also notice the regular beds. They certainly don't appear to be "roughing it" too badly.

Close to Home

Looks like they're camped out in their backyard. I notice the fence so they're not in the woods somewhere.


Tie action going on; extreme knots, quite dapper.

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