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Lowest Price in Town Sale: 1938

Lowest Price in Town Sale: 1938

Summer 1938. Drugstore window in Newark, Ohio. View full size. Photograph (35mm nitrate negative) by Ben Shahn, Farm Security Administration.


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Speaking Of Kotex

When my mother or older sister were in need of it I was handed a written note and told not to look at it but to give it to the wife of the kindly gentleman who ran the neighborhood corner store in the late 40's & early 50's.

She would disappear into the back store room and come back with a package wrapped in brown paper with taped ends.

Of course I looked at the note the first time but the words Kotex meant nothing to an eight year old boy who paid it no mind since it had nothing to do with his world of baseball, marbles and car models.

I like how everything has a price except the Kotex

It wasn't too embarrassing to advertise, but it appears to be too embarrassing to price.

Ben Shahn? 1938 prices?

The only thing missing is that sweet talker out in front parleying with the ladies. But then again, there's no sacks for him to lounge on.

Hepatica AND petrolatum on sale?

Not to mention "effervescent carbonates" and halibut liver oil? Grab your wallet, honey...we're runnin' to Newark!

Also, it must be said that these gals have lovely figures and outfits! Makes me want to dress up for work today...

Oh, and welcome, Steve. Hope your hometown streets are still dotted with beautiful women and lined with helpful drugstores!

Newark, Ohio

It's amazing that I've been lurking this site for about a week now, and lo and behold a photograph from my hometown.

[Eerie, isn't it? Shorpy has a sixth sense about these things. Welcome to the family. - Dave]

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