With the birth of my brother in June 1961, the one bathroom, three bedroom mini ranch house in Levittown, Pennsylvania became too small. So my parents hired a builder to create their dream home at 85 Leabrook Lane, Princeton, New Jersey. As it was getting close to completion, we drove over each weekend to see how it was taking shape. My father took this photo as workers were starting on the chimney; the square pipes in the front yard will become its inner walls. At this time there was no Leabrook Lane in front of it yet; there was just a dirt path for the construction trucks. There was also no electricity, but the basic house was complete. It just needed things like drywall, a front door, bathroom and kitchen fixtures and, of course, the electric company to come and put in a few more power poles. Based on the full leaves on the trees in the back yard, I am guessing this is May 1962. | Click image for Comments. | Home | Browse All Photos