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Doggie Dinner: 1963

Doggie Dinner: 1963

Bacon-flavored dog food! You sure can't say we didn't pamper our Missie. Here Mother appears to be supplementing it with some strips of leftover steak. Missie had been a foundling, rescued as a months-old pup by a friend's family as she scrounged for food on a beach along the Russian River. She never lost that knack, each day making her regular rounds of the neighbors who always had some treat waiting for her. She developed quite a gut. Nevertheless, she was a born tracker, and delighted in romping through the woods after deer for hours when we'd go on hikes, then following our scent to wherever we'd gotten to in the meantime. We were astonished one day early on when for the first time she actually pointed at some lurking critter. That hunting instinct didn't always end well; she tangled with a skunk once, and one day came home with a small gash in her side, we assumed from an encounter with a raccoon. Her orphan days didn't sour her on the Russian River, because she loved frolicking on the sand and in the water at the beach near our Guernewood summer place. She was with us for just another year after I took this 35mm Tri-X negative in the Salmon Kitchen of our Larkspur, California home. View full size.

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More Missie

I like both Missie photos-- the composition of the first is nice, and the second photo (in the comments section) looks like it was taken yesterday.


Ah hound dogs and skunks. We had a beagle, Penelope Boden-Brown (okay, we called her Penny)who every summer would tangle with a skunk 3 or 4 times. Scratch scratch at the door. "Somebody let Penny in." "I'll do it....WHOOF!! OUT PENNY! OUT!! GO OUT! PENNY! GET OUT!!!" Etc etc. Them were the days.


The comments about roaming the neighborhood for treats reminded me of a dog a fellow in my Mom's office had: He was known to walk over to the Safeway near Chevy Chase Circle and go to the pet food section and take a can of food home with him. He lived over on Western Avenue, a couple of blocks away. Back in the 1950s, no one thought it strange, but the Safeway folks thought it was amusing. His 'master' always paid for the food later, BTW.

Bacon pet food

With steak supplements. Neighborhood treats. It's a dog's world! Woof!

Cats wouldn't eat that!

I see that the can says the food is for "pets" not just dogs. I'm reasonably certain that every cat I've ever had would have turned up his/her nose and given me a look like "What do you think I am, a DOG?".

Missy was darling and what lovely memories these picture are!

Re: Dog (And Cat) Photos!

And I for one would rather see MANY more of these than all of those creepy posed kitty and puppy pictures from 1914, etc. Thanks for sharing Missie with us.

Dog (And Cat) Photos!

"I would rather see the portrait of a dog that I know, than all the allegorical paintings they can show me in the world."

-Samuel Johnson

In her second, color, portrait, Missie shows really solid posture. A sturdy, well-built and intelligent-looking dog with beautiful markings.

Tough Time Today

I remember the dogs in my neighborhood doing the same thing when I was a kid back in the 50s.

Missie would have a tough time plying her trade in today's world since there are now mandatory leash and fence laws (actual fence or the invisible electric versions).

More Missie

My favorite Missie pic, in a 1955 Kodachrome by my brother. My rear end in back. She's still reasonably svelte, and you can just make out the scar from her raccoon adventure on her... um, waist.

Canine Comments

tterrace you have a wonderfully natural writing style. If you haven't written books, you should. In just that short piece, it felt like a James Herriot (Alf Wight) story. As for Missie, it seems she had a little of Disney's Tramp in her as she went from place to place for a handout. Thanks for the shared memory.

Missie is a beauty!

She has such a soulful expression! I enjoy seeing dogs play in the water; some really love it yet others want nothing to do with it.

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