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The Pentagon: 1940s

The Pentagon: 1940s

1940s. "Arlington County, Virginia. War Department. Pentagon, aerial view." Safety negative by Theodor Horydczak. View full size.


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On a visit to the Pentagon in the early 70s my host took me out to the park-like area in the center during a break. We walked over to the center and he said, "You know, right now scores of nuclear tipped ICBMs are targeted right on us!" Sobering.

Dad's Office

My Father worked in the Pentagon during my High School years..

The above picture is facing South West..


Upper right corner of our picture is Fort Myer, South Post.. Long since demolished and converted to part of Arlington Cemetery.. Tire tracks on the lawn are near the spot that the airliner was driven into the Pentagon on 9-11-2001.. The grassy area to the left of the tire tracks is where the 9-11 memorial is now.. Between the tire tracks and Ft Myer is a pedestrian tunnel being constructed.. The tunnel is also long gone.. There was a large utility access door in the entry way to the tunnel, a sign reading "Danger Keep Out" was on the door.. someone had writen in white clothing marker under it "King Kong Lives Here"..

Bottom Left corner.. note two 180deg curved roadways that run under the building, they exit in the upper left. also note commuter buses parked along one of the roadways.. Prior to 9-11-2001, City buses ran under the Pentagon and stopped at designated points (like platforms under Penn Station) each bus platform had a stairway that ran up to a shopping concourse on the level above. A taxi stand was also under the concourse.. I am told that the concourse is still there but access is not open to the general public.

In the mid sixties, before the internet.. there was a huge "for sale bulletin board" on the concourse,, Teenage boys would rude the bus to the Pentagon to inspect the care ads.. looking for a deal, someone transferred on short notice.. Bought two $25.00 cars off of the board..


Neat to see what the building looked like before it was levitated by the Yippies.

Car IDs

Now here's a real challenge for the Shorpy panel of experts.

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