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Davy Crockett: 1955

Davy Crockett: 1955

May 1955. "Actor Fess Parker on a 22 city promotional tour as Davy Crockett. Includes public appearances at department stores." From photos by Maurice Terrell for the Look magazine assignment "Meet Davy Crockett." View full size.

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I was nine also

And had to live with being a "Davy" in school.
Still walked around in my cap, singing the song, though.


I was 11

and thought the blooming song would never go away!

C'mon Man!

The cutout Davy looks like the character I remember: rugged, tough, gun at the ready.

The real Davy (Fess) looks lazy, soft, ready for a nap.

Bet the gal sneaking up on him could knock him out with that pillow.

I Feel Like We Grew Up Together

I was 9 in 1955, and like most other adolescent boys I watched Davy Crockett on TV and never missed an episode. I never wanted a coonskin cap though! I love the fact that later in life Fess Parker started a well known winery in California's Santa Maria Valley and made some world class Pinot Noir's. As luck would have it, I grew up to live in California and drink his Pinot Noir. I guess you could say we went from Davy Crockett to wine together.

I was five years old

I had a coonskin cap as well. But very confused at the time...I thought the song said [he] kilt (killed) in a "bar" when he was only three. Turns out later in life that with dialect, he "kilt him a bar (bear) when he was only three."

Funny, I knew what a bar was at only five.

Disney marketing

Just read a Disney bio--the story of trying to find someone to manufacture the hats was a great one!

Coonskin cap

The Coonskin Cap was the item every kid wanted back then, I think I had one. Anyone still have theirs?

Davy and Pearl Harbor

I remember I was at a friend's house listening to a radio version of Davy Crockett when it was interrupted to announce the bombing of Peal Harbor. I was to young to know what that was all about so I hurried home to find out.

Looks like he's in Chattanooga

So he's in the right state.

The Davey Daze

I was seven years old but what I remember most was the trading cards that came with a good slab of bubblegum for a nickel. The cards with the action scenes at the Alamo were the most valuable for trading. I think that the raccoon was an endangered species back then with all the caps that were sold.

A Davy Crockett lesson

One of the childhood punishments I've always remembered - probably involved my refusing to eat something - was being sent to bed one evening before a new Davy Crockett episode aired on Disneyland. Didn't solve the eating problem, though. Unlike just about every other boy, I don't remember ever wanting a coonskin cap. A few of my little friends even wore them to school.

BTW, the stand-up is for the theatrical film "Davy Crockett King of the Wild Frontier," which was edited together from portions of the first three TV episodes, which Walt Disney had wisely decided to photograph in color.

I was six years old

With my coonskin cap, my fringed jacket and my plastic Kentucky Long Rifle. One day I tripped while chasing down General Santa Anna, & thereafter I had a Kentucky Carbine.

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