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Shorpy Higginbotham: 1910

Shorpy Higginbotham: 1910

        On's seventh birthday, a look back at our namesake, the teenage mine greaser Shorpy Higginbotham, shown here in 1910 at age 14. His life was cut short by a mine accident in 1928, when he was crushed by a rock.

December 1910. Jefferson County, Alabama. "Shorpy Higginbotham, a 'greaser' on the tipple at Bessie Mine, of the Sloss-Sheffield Steel and Iron Co. Said he was 14 years old, but it is doubtful. Carries two heavy pails of grease, and is often in danger of being run over by the coal cars." Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine for the National Child Labor Committee. View full size.


On Shorpy:
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Every picture tells a story....

don't it..

Bravo to, where I come to get my regular fix of social history and nostalgia!

Happy Borthday, Shorpy!

And thanks for the memories...!

Thanks Shorpy!

Thanks Shorpy Higginbotham,
For inspiring this most wonderful website!

Adding my greetings on this felicitous occasion

A very happy and well deserved birthday to, with special kudos and accolades to Site Meister Dave for all the fine work he does maintaining the site and moderating our comments. As others have posted, I have learned a lot here, seen things I would not have otherwise seen, and had my curiosity titillated. And thanks to tterrace for his photos and valuable insight. All in all, I am so glad to have found you guys.

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Congrats and Happy Birthday to! What a wonderful site it is.

I was going to cut you folks a birthday check for, let's say, $1 per site visit, $5 for every comment you've allowed me to post, $10 for every comment of mine you had the good judgement not to post, and $15 for every fact I've learned on your site, but then I realized how embarrassing it would be to have a check of that size bounce.

So I send you my best wishes and thanks instead.


Shorpy would be a bit mystified at the technology involved, but pleased with the interest this site has aroused for him and others from our past. Here's to the next seven and even more to come. And, Thank You, Dave!

Shorpy, we're glad to know ya

Happy Birthday Shorpy -- and at least on this blog, you'll live on to have many, many more... we love you, man.

Happy Seventh!

I "discovered" this site in 2008, been back every day since.

Happy birthday, Shorpy!

And Shorpy Valentine's Day...

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