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New York City Photo Map


The map mashup below combines recent Shorpy images of New York City with their location on Google Maps. Clicking on a point will bring up a thumbnail and a link back to the image on Shorpy. Use your mouse to the drag the map or click here for the full-screen version.

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On Shorpy:
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re: Re: Now with more photos

Thanks for pointing that out. It's now fixed.

Re: Now with more photos

FYI: The more recently posted Ellis Island photos are displaying html code rather than images like the older markers.

The Shorpy Map

I do like the map since so many of the photos on this site are from the New York area, but why no love for Brooklyn?


This is really great! I am particularly fond of Shorpy because of my curiosity about nexus of geography and history and identity. This feature is a great enhancement to the pleasure of pondering these ideas. Yes, Chicago too.

Now with more photos

Thanks for pointing out the KML link.

I've gone back in and added more photos where I could identify addresses. If anyone stumbles across one I've left off, please let me know.

Context is King

I live here in NY and always try to place the images in my mind. This is a real boon!
Michael Chatham

This is great - try it in Google Earth too!

Someone asked if we need this -- no, of course we don't need this. We don't actually need any of this. But I really appreciate having a way to explore these great photographs geographically, and hope that this New York map is just the beginning.

If you follow the link to the fullscreen version on the Google Maps site, you will also see a link to the KML file for this. KML is the format used by Google Earth, which allows you to fly around and zoom in and have to download the free Google Earth software first.

Thanks to Ken for doing this -- I really appreciate the effort and creativity here.


One on Chicago would be great. It could list all the locations Al Capone's men shot people. With photos !!!


Thanks Ken!! I, myself, will spend hours looking at this and reading about these places. Great job!

The Map

I love it! Thanks!


This is great Dave! It just makes everything come together so nicely. Puts it all in context. Thanks for doing that! Now, do something like this for Chicago! :o) There is so much history there too.

[It is nifty, isn't it? Actually Ken did this. Thanks, Ken. - Dave]


Do we really need this one?

[Class? - Dave]

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