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A Picnic in the Park: 1942

A Picnic in the Park: 1942

July 1942. Washington, D.C. "A Sunday picnic in Rock Creek Park." Photo by Marjory Collins for the Office of War Information. View full size.


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Car's ID'd

1940 Oldsmobile as stated by doubleclutchin, 1933/34 Chevrolet, 1941/42 Ford, 1941 Pontiac Streamliner. The rest an early 30's Ford, a couple of Chrysler products, Plymouth or Dodge.

Shefindsu's car question

The car on the far right is a 1940 Oldsmobile --discernible from other GM makes by the "wings" at the ends of the rear bumper -- while the car between the trees is an early-'30s Chevrolet (not enough showing to zero in on the exact year) -- likewise discernible by the shape of the rear windows.

Incidentally, in those days ALL cars had scratchy wool or mohair interiors (which in hot weather made passengers itch), except for open cars, which had leather or leatherette (which in hot weather made passengers scream).
Some choice!

In defense of good baking...

I think the aforementioned cake doesn't look level....because the ground/grass isn' there!


Could anyone tell me what all the makes and models of those cars are? I'm especially curious about the one on the far right. My great uncle Charles had one very similar to it that had woolen car seats. My gUncle and gAunts (2), my grandmother, my mother and I rode to Oklahoma from Kansas one very hot August day I'll never forget. Hotter than a fryin' pan it seemed all of us crowded in that hot woolen seated car. My dad also owned one of those cars on the left, between the two trees, a boxy looking dark car that he had in 1945-47 when he was dating my mother. I saw it in a picture a few years ago but (don't know what car, year or model, it was) and don't know where it is right at this moment. Thanks to anyone who can tell me.


Glad to see I'm not the only one who can't bake a nicely-level layered cake.

Lean times

Are over. And I can't tell if that's a sandwich or a purse, for goodness sake.

Do these pants

make my derriere look big ??


I guess obesity in America isn't necessarily a 21st-century problem.

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