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The Shining: 1908

The Shining: 1908

August 1908. "Greek bootblack in Indianapolis." An interesting example of a time exposure where the subject either enters the frame after the shutter opens or leaves it before it closes. View full size. Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine.


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Single exposure with flash

Here I've recreated the effect in my hotel room. This was a 5 second exposure with the flash firing at the start of the exposure. After the flash fired I immediately stepped into the bathroom.

Single Exposure

I agree with Ken. The reason there's no blur is that a flash was used. With the shutter open, the kid takes his place, Hine sets off a charge of magnesium flash powder, then the glass plate is removed from the camera. This is how he seems to have taken most of his night shots. In this instance there was enough ambient light to register the background on the plate, an artifact we can see in other Hine photos taken at night.

I vote double

If the exposure time had been long enough for him to walk on or off he would have had to stay VERY still while he was posing to not be blurred. Since he looks quite sharp I think it was two fairly short exposures rather than one long one.

re: How about a double exposure?

It is more likely a very long exposure where the boy stood still through most of it and then walked off. You can try the same thing at your house with a long exposure. Simply sit still for most of the exposure and then get up and walk off. You won't see any streaks, just a ghost.

How about a double exposure?

....since there's no streaks to indicate the kid coming or going.

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