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Claude's Farm: 1952

"Grace at Claude's farm -- April 27, 1952." Along with Sally the Dalmatian, in our second slide from the Minnesota Kodachromes we got on eBay. View full size.

"Grace at Claude's farm -- April 27, 1952." Along with Sally the Dalmatian, in our second slide from the Minnesota Kodachromes we got on eBay. View full size.


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De Sotos 1952 and 1958

Tterrace, those photos would have pleased my dad, a commercial pilot and lover of De Sotos. Here's a shot of his dark-green 1952 at a "pogie plant" in Sabine Pass, Texas, and his white 1958 several years later.

[Click to enlarge. -tterrace]

The Other Airplane

The other airplane is a Cessna 170, big brother to the 120 and 140. It'll be replaced in 4 years by the 172 - not a step up in my opinion

Cessna and Stinson

Left hand plane is a Cessna 120 or 140.

The red plane on the right is a Stinson 108. I have about 20 hours flying time in one just like it. Nice handling bird.


That D batteries powered press-use flash must have been quite a sight mounted (via an L bracket) to a 35 mm camera --- especially with its 8 in. reflector added.

RE: Paraphernalia

Heiland flash in box.

It is a 1951 DeSoto

I learned to drive on a dark green 1951 DeSoto, which was our (only) family car. Started driving the summer of 1955 in it, wrecked it in Nov. My Dad didn't buy another car for weeks, and wouldn't let me drive it for months after.
Mushy car.

Looking Forward

1951 vs. 1957 De Soto

De-lightful and De-lovely

De Sotos were sturdy cars and filled the price gap between low-priced Plymouths and mid-priced Dodges; Chryslers were the most expensive of the Chrysler Corporation cars. De Soto stayed in production until 1961, having began in 1928. As were nearly all of the company's offerings in those years, De Sotos were designed for male drivers who wore hats, as did the midwestern Chrysler executives, hence the company's rather bulbous and conservative body styling.

[DeSotos filled the price gap between Dodge and Chrysler; Imperials were the most expensive Chrysler cars. - Dave]


Is there anyone out there that didn't like Kodachrome?

Love the Minnesota Kodachromes!

This is a great collection, thanks for posting them. It'll be fun to keep seeing Sally the Dalmatian!

The flying bug

Looks like late April-early May in Minnesota. The trees are just budding out.

[Another clue is the caption, which says April 27. - Dave]

With two planes in the background, I wonder how many people (men and women) came home from WWII where they were taught to fly and just couldn't let the bug go when they got back?

Farm country here used to be dotted with makeshift private grass airstrips.

The Car

Is a 1951 DeSoto Custom.

RE: Paraphernalia

It seems that the photographer had a Heiland flash as part of his kit, and a rather new one at that given the seemingly like new condition of its black and yellow box. Heiland was later absorbed into Honeywell and the branding changed accordingly.

It's DeStinctive

I have no interest at all in cars but the car screams DeSoto at me for some reason.

They were around as a kid but a brand that nobody considered buying.

I believe I can also recognize Hudsons.

The Other Plane

That's a Cessna 170 tail on the left.

Wearing of the Green

At least the woman color-coordinated her shoes.

Looking at the hood and hubcaps the car looks to be an early 50s DeSoto Custom. I'll let the car ID folks on here provide verification and all of the details.


There's something very interesting on the rear window shelf.


Still around, 1948 Stinson 108-3 Voyager according to this:

Currently based in Alaska.

[Excellent work. Also, let us note there are two planes in this photo. - Dave]

Who's that plane?

More so than the car, I'm curious as to the make of the airplane in the background. At first I thought it might be a biplane, but now I'm more convinced it's a high-wing monoplane. My best guess (being anything but an expert at identifying light aircraft) is some member of the Piper Cub family.

[Which plane? - Dave]

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