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Ma & Paw: 1951

Ma & Paw: 1951

"Grace & Sally -- 18 Sept 1951." Minnesota Kodachromes at home in Blue Earth. 35mm color slide by Hubert Tuttle. View full size.

Which one is the dog?

Because the woman is not barefoot! She IS wearing green shoes.

[Not only is Sally barefoot, she is STARK NAKED in this photo. And yes, Sally is the dog. - Dave]

Green Shoes!

Dave, Excuse me ...

But I actually see 'Green Shoes' on the woman in the photo sitting with her dog.

[Let me repeat: SALLY is barefoot in this photo, which is evidently of Einsteinian complexity. - Dave]

Orphan Photos

All of these Kodachromes are wonderful but they make me wonder why no one in this family wanted, or was offered, these family treasures. I understand too well. I have thousands of family pictures going back 150 years and they are all scanned, but after my generation (I am a great-grandfather) no one else cares one bit about old family.

Here we are, total strangers, memorializing these pictures.

[I suspect it may have something to do with not having a slide projector, trays and projection screen. Or the fact that if you don't have all of that obsolete stuff, you have to spend many hours running them through a $3,000 film scanner, or send them off to a photo lab. - Dave]

Fatter in Fifty-Two

Is it my imagination or did Sally get plumper over the winter, between this shot and others of her with Hubert in April and August of 1952? (And I do mean the dog, not Grace the human.)

Boss man!

The dog is clearly showing he is in charge here, standing on mom's lap.

[So would "he" be Grace or Sally? - Dave]

Green shoes

Love those green shoes Sally is wearing that match her dress. Grace is a real beauty though and steals the show every time. I love this collection.

[Sally is barefoot in this photo. - Dave]

Minnesota Info

Thanks, Dave, and tterrace, for that info. I wondered about the possibility of a Kodak Signet camera being used here.

My dad had, and later passed on to me, a Kodak Signet 80 camera, and it was just wonderful to use. That outfit had interchangeable lenses and I loved using the rangefinder focusing.

I had heard that the earlier Signet cameras were of very high quality and these photos seem to bear that out.

Amazing Color

Dave, I don't think I've ever seen such subtlety of color as in these Minnesota Kodachromes of yours. Were these 25 ASA?

These slides are something else; just a real treat. The composition is good, too.

Did Hubert Tuttle take all these, I wonder? I'd like to know what camera Mr. Tuttle was using and if he was using a built-in light meter or a hand-held one.

[The first ASA 25 Kodachrome was Kodachrome II in 1961. -tterrace]

[Hubert's camera is a Kodak Signet 35. -Dave]

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