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Party of Four: 1952

Party of Four: 1952

"Picnic at Austin -- Vern, Ruth, Ida & Pete -- 7 Sept. 1952." The latest episode of Minnesota Kodachromes is back at the park. Point me to the potato salad! Color slide by Hubert Tuttle and his Kodak Signet 35. View full size.

41 Ford in Background

That color was offered in 41 Super Deluxe only, and notice the color matched wheel with three silver pinstripes. My 41 Fordor is identical that I got from my dad. It still has all four matching rims, but they're faded!

Is that a camera...

that Ruth is carrying, and if so, can anyone identify it?

Bullet Holes

Yes, and looks like Gen. Patton received some enemy fire.

Those ties!

Those ties are something else. They could speak volumes!

That forehead

What I really like is that we can see, thanks to the hat adjustment, is the mark of the farmer: the tan face and the fishbelly white forehead. My grandfather (from Pope County, MN, a bit North and West of these folks) never went outside without some sort of hat so he always had that pale forehead above a weather-beaten face.

No hats blow away here

Vern, Ruth and Ida watch as Pete cleverly uses his wrinkles to screw on his hat.

Tin Indian

'46, or so, Pontiac next to the Nash


I still wear suspenders like the guy pictured and they must still be fairly popular since Walmart still sells them and stocks several varieties of them.

Not a match

I really wanted the two-tone behind the bathtub Nash at the left to be Grace and Hubert's similarly-hued DeSoto, but no dice. Best I can figure it's a 1952 or 1953 Ford. Besides, instead of a flash unit box on the rear window shelf, there's a softball and mitt.

[Uncanny! - Dave]


Pete is wearing suspenders, also known as braces in some countries. Some sources say they fell out of fashion in the 1950's, but I remember very elderly relatives wearing them as late as 1968. With recent expansion of my waistline, how I wish they'd return.

[I'll just bet he has sleeve garters as well, as would my father on his rare suit-wearing occasions in those days. -tterrace]

[Oh yes, the sleeve garters I remember were maybe 3/4" wide, made up of multiple stainless steel rings much like a flexible wristwatch strap. -akld_guy]

Origin of Species

Ankle > Cankle > Sequoia gigantea

Rusty Ford

The car on the right is a 1941 Ford. It is still wearing snow tires and has suffered from the harsh Minnesota winters. Note the rust in the fender. There is a 1951 Nash on the left.

Army Surplus?

The olive drab car on the right looks as if it might've crossed the Rhine with Patton.

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