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Studebanglers: 1919

Studebanglers: 1919

The Bay Area circa 1919. "Girls fishing next to Studebaker 'Big Six' touring car." 6.5 x 8.5 glass negative, purchased and scanned by Shorpy, originally from the Wyland Stanley Collection of San Francisco historical memorabilia. View full size.


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Speaking of sprigs.

They look like they are from a redwood tree.

Shmock Shmock!

A charming invitation to put ferns in creels,

The Beach Boys were right!

California Girls.

Could this be

A very old Cabela's ad?

Great shot!

I always thought creels should be lined with damp moss. I saw the evergreen sprigs and wondered why as I would think the fresh sprigs would foul the taste of any fish put in there. Probably non fishing types types setting up for the shot.

I bet the gear ended up returned. Note what looks like price tags on the creel and waders on the RH model.


The sprigs are doubtless packing to separate the fish for their trip to the skillet. You couldn't pick up a sack of ice at the 7-11 back then.

Kephart (circa 1917) doesn't mention this usage in his manuals, going with paper or towels for the job, but that was pretty avant garde and probably beyond reach for the more rustic citizenry.

These obviously modern women would doubtless have gone with their tea towels, if they were actually fishing, but here the photographer running the show clearly wanted tradition and Huck Finn-liness to show.

I don't mean to carp about fly fishing

but the lady appears to be holding one.


I wonder which one of them is a Studebaker dealer? Or maybe she was dating one. That's the ticket.


Fisher folk, please explain purpose of fir sprigs on creel.

Family resemblance

The square frame around the roadster's headlights reminded me of the 1964 Studebaker Avantis.

A "reel" good time !

I'd go fishing with these lovely ladies anytime. But please keep that reel out of the mud!

Pretty as a Picture

This has to be one of my very favorite Shorpy images ever! Love everything about it... car lovers can ogle the Studebaker convertible touring car, and the girls and their accoutrements are perfection! Not sure if those are price tags on the girl's equipment on the right, but she looks right at home with her creel, net, fish and waders. Their jaunty hats and pretty blouses add to the wholesome outdoorsy look, but not TOO outdoorsy.

Whose Line is it Anyway?

So you're fishing without any line? I noticed that the fly reel that is in the mud would be quite valuable today (not to mention the car)

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